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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

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4/22/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West met Kardashian family yesterday in New York.
Kanye West met Kim Kardashian's family yesterday in New York and according to our sources ... the Kardashian clan absolutely loved him.

According to our sources, Kanye and Kim were excited for the family gathering and the opportunity to show them just how great they are together.

We're told the meeting went great and the family thinks they make the perfect couple.

Earlier in the day, the pair went shopping around SOHO and were photographed eating ice cream and smiling up a storm.


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The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

They make a lovely couple.

884 days ago


I don't know much about this Kanye but isn't he the one that shoved Taylor S. He seems like he would be a little on the aggressive side, but who knows she seems to be chasing him, as she does all the other men, she always appears to be desparate and low self esteem no matter if it is 1950 or 2012 men always want to do the chasing, no matter what they say, she needs to learn that. Maybe they are using each other for self promotion. I think they have alot in common. Has he ever been married or are there any baby mama's, he seems a little older for her??

884 days ago


I do hope the K's are paying Harvey a tidy sum to write this pap. The stupidity of this family is only exceeded by TMZ willing to fawn and genuflect to this family's demands. Kanye & Kim -- a match made in hell. But, hey, their names both begin with K, so that's all that matters!

884 days ago

buzz kill    

All this K.K. garbage is enough to make a billy goat puke. Give us all a break and stop reporting her antics.

884 days ago

buzz kill    

Bruce Jenner, what a moron. How does anyone in their right mind ever get mixed up with a Kartrashian?

884 days ago


Stop pushing the Kartrashian propaganda machine! Harvey quit being such an alcoholic!! Take your beer goggles off (Kanye is ugly and Kimmie has a messed up face) and get back to reporting about relevant celebs! Thank you!

884 days ago


"SEAL OF APPROVAL" by Kardashian standards means his ball have not yet been cut off. Kan-GAY will sign on to be part of the Kardashian TV show and will "play along" until Kim and The Pimp decide to castrate him like they've done with other male characters on their "un-scripted reality show".....

884 days ago


Kanye West must be going out with Kim Kardashian just to get more of the tabloid PUBLICITY that Kim is addicted to. Kim is a "FAME HOE" if there ever was one. Kanye West has real talent. He can do a lot better than freakin' Kim Kardashian. Kayne should get himself a legitimate female Hollywood star or a famous female musician or supermodel.

Kim Kardashian is 100% sensationalism and idiots out there STILL buy the crap she's selling and watch her show. What is her main talent? Showing up for photo shoots to prance around in her new clothes? She's certainly not a legitimate show business person. Being in a reality show HARDLY qualifies Kim as a Hollywood star. She's not even "D list". Any idiot can do a reality show. Kim is no more talented than jailbird Jennelle Evans is on "Teen Mom 2" or "Snookie" from "Jersey Shore".

884 days ago


That picture looks like the cover of Kim's next porno.

884 days ago


kim will never go out with a white man because the only white male role models she has are either gay, whipped or unemployed. the only white male that she looked good with was marc ecko. this relationship will not end well for her. kanye is too controlling. she will be very miserable down the road. good luck kim!

884 days ago


Black, Rich, What not to love,

884 days ago


of course the pimp mother kris likes K.West...he's BLACK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

884 days ago


TWO losers that deserve each wonder why the FAMILY loves him!! LOLOL Thanks for the laugh...and anything to stay in the spot light...Marriage to Kris...Div to Kris....Running for Mayor....Dating Kayne...i mean REALLY REALLY!!! What's next running for president LMAOOOOOO

884 days ago


Can someone just get rid of him already? He's an annoying nuisaince to the world. Come to think of it, so are all of the Kardashians. Wouldn't be a loss to the world if they were all gone. (It would be to Ryan Seacrest's world but who cares?)There will be a sex tape in no time.

884 days ago


Of course the family loves Kanye! He's dripping with money! That familly needs to go away already!

884 days ago
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