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Kim Kardashian

Kanye Fits Nicely ... In My Ear

4/23/2012 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kim Kardashian wears Kanye West earrings
It's official .. Kim Kardashian's earlobes are fully committed to Kanye West.

Kim arrived at LAX this weekend sporting 2 yellow gold and diamond earrings in each one of her ears -- a K and a W -- which obviously stand for Kanye West.

The two have only been dating for a few weeks ... but it seems they're moving pretty fast. They've already been on multiple dates, had ice cream together and Kanye even wrote a rap song dissing Kim's ex.

So, we gotta ask ...


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ok...i used to be a Kim fan. I liked her cuz every girl loves to hate her and i always thought its cuz shes really amazingly beautiful and has a big oh booty. i would even defend her when my friends would say shes not even all that..but like seriously kim is a slutty bitch. i mean sending pics and blowing up kanye wests phone while he was still with amber?? trying to be with reggie after filing for divorce from kris?? and faking a marriage to poor kris just for more attention and monetary gain?? like seriously can we even call this bitch a respectable woman??
yeah shes a successful business owner but if it wasnt for ray-j stuffing his dick down her throat no one would give a **** about this bitch. we have enough big booty hoes out there anyway. and then on her show she always thinks shes too good for anything. the bitch seriously thinks her **** dont stink when shes the smelliest gnarly bitch out there. she hops on more ***** than any other celebrity . shes like the new Lisa lampanelli lmao! seriously if i could get ahold of kris humphries i would soo have his back to make this divorce settlement public, which by the way kim is trying her hardest to fight because she doesnt want her airheaded followers to know how much of a attention seeking self-absorbed fake slut she really is....

just sayin'....

911 days ago


they're cute together. if it's a publicity stunt, who gives a ****? they're both already infamous on their own. it's not like these are some new Hollywood scenesters trying to get their names out there. Neither of them need the other for publicity. they're a hot, equally rich Hollywood couple, something like Brangelina, & they seem to have a lot in common. aside from the fact that they can raid each others' closets lol, they both lost a parent & in all seriousness i'm sure they've probably bonded because of that. plus they've apparently been friends for years - best way to start a relationship. at the end of the day, our lives will go on whether their relationship is a publicity stunt or not. so just enjoy the ride *******s ;)

911 days ago


Kanye should NOT talk or write anything hurtful about Kim's ex.

Kris is a sweet person and deserves a second chance.

Kanye seems to sometimes jump to conclusions, and then let his temper get the best of him. He to needs to chill a little and then learn to respect the ex.

We love you both Kayne and Kris!!

911 days ago

george Haberkorn haberkorn    

How nice, The Classless meets The Very Classless!!!!!

911 days ago



911 days ago


anything can fit...there !!!!!!!

911 days ago


Why do people keep feeding into her frenzy. She is just out for attention. Don't give her any and maybe we will quit seeing her face flashed across every scree. I am so sick of this woman and her ploys to get attention..........

910 days ago


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910 days ago


this bitch loves the black c0ck!

909 days ago


KW could stand for just about anything. That it means Kanye West is highly speculative. rv storage

899 days ago


So Kim is making enough money to carve out enough to buy some earrings. So what? golfing apparel

865 days ago


Pretty sure that relationship is a fake - just like everything else the Kardashians' do. Jasmine M.

817 days ago


As far as I know Kim, Break UP krüger

758 days ago
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