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Jessica Simpson

VERY Pregnant ...

With Conspiracy Theories

4/24/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jessica Simpson pregnancy saga just got even more bloated -- because the latest conspiracy theories are the most ridiculous yet! OR ARE THEY???

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No Avatar


All I know for sure is that chick has been pregnant longer then 9 months. Seems like she should have had the kid by now .

875 days ago


I bet she's just fat; not even preggers.

875 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does anyone even care about Jessica Simpson these days? After Dukes of Hazzard and Employee of the Month, two films in which Jessica proved she didn't have an ounce of acting talent, I thought the public forgot aboy her. About the only interest people have these days is if they can guess her weight

875 days ago


I'm not even sure I know who that is. If she's been pregnant longer than 9 months then it's possible she's digesting the babies. I read that could happen in a science magazine.

875 days ago


This is weird. I'm not a fan of her's but for some reason thought about this long overdue pregnancy. Makes you wonder about pop and drop Beyonce.

875 days ago

Krystal Swint    

See how her foot it propped up on the dash? I've been pregnant, I had an 8lb baby and wasn't near as big as her. There's NO WAY she could get her foot up there (or even WANT) to, if she was still pregnant. And having given birth, for her to want to sit like that, she's "healed" for a couple weeks too. That baby is prob over a month old!!! I'd bet MONEY on it!

875 days ago


Is she smoking? It looks like she has a cigarette in her mouth...Isn't that a big no-no if she's still pregnant?

875 days ago


She's probably not even due for another month. She's just extremely fat from eating whatever she wants during her pregnancy. How do I know? Because I ate whatever I wanted during my pregnancy, and I was as big as Jessica.

875 days ago


For someone as pregnant as she is I cant see her hiking that foot up on the dash! I was half that size at 8 months and there is no way I would have been even remotely comfortable doing that!

875 days ago


How is it Beyonce got pregnate months after Jessica and Beyonce had her kid and Jessica is still preggers?

875 days ago


I am not a jessica fan, but some of these comments are pretty juvenile. Not every pregnancy is the same. And not everyone looks perfect like Beyonce. I know I looked as big as she did for my first and it would have killed me if anyone called me names like the media and public are doing to Simpson. And since no one knows her due date, why is everyone assuming she is overdue? Babies come when they are good and ready... And sometimes it ain't pretty.... It's called life people - learn to respect it.

875 days ago


i think she is just padding herself to make herself look bigger, so when she has the baby, she will look really good right after.

875 days ago


She has polyhydramnios, google it people!

875 days ago


Just to help TMZ out, because they are obviously not that good at research. Pregnancy is 40 week. She announced her pregnancy October 31st. Typically people announce their pregnancy around 13 weeks. If she was 13 weeks pregnant on Halloween her due date would be May 4th(ish). Now, for those who say her belly was "too big" when she announced, she has already stated that she has a condition that causes excess amniotic fluid which means she will carry larger. On top of that, it could also mean that she may need a csection (depending on the severity of the condition), and if she does, they would schedule that sometime around a week before her due date. She could POSSIBLY give birth this week, but if my May 4th guess is right, she could legit even go overdue 2 weeks after THAT.

875 days ago


This girl would sell her own soul for money and fame,oh wait she already has!

875 days ago
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