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Michael Lohan

Rosie O'Donnell

Is a Talentless FAILURE

4/24/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell
is in no position to bash Lindsay Lohan -- at least according to Lindsay's loyal father, who claims Rosie's a washed-up failure at life ... who only stayed famous because she adopted a bunch of kids.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "Who the hell is Rosie O'Donnell to judge anyone, especially Lindsay, who has far more talent than Rosie ever had?"

He says, "Lindsay's talent isn't limited to being a comedian or getting notoriety for adopting and raising a bunch of kids. Sure, [Lindsay] has her pitfalls, but she is 25, and how old is Rosie?" (50, in case you're wondering).

Michael adds, "Two failed talk shows, a failed marriage, etc ... He/she who is without sin. May they cast the first stone."

As we previously reported, Rosie went on "Today" this morning, claiming Lindsay hasn't made a single good film since she was sixteen ... and isn't capable of portraying Liz Taylor in her new movie.


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As far as I know Rosie hasn't been in and out of jail, she hasn't ever stolen anything, she hasn't been seen drunk or high in public, she pays her bills, and she probably has more money in the cushions of her chouch than Lindsay has in the bank. Rosie is entitled to her opinion just like Mr. Lohan is...the only difference is that Rosie is usually right.

851 days ago


As a follow up to my previous comment...Also, Mr. Lohan, the kids Rosie adopted were given a loving home and I don't recall her oldest son being in the news for any controversial reason at any time. Your daughter, and probably even you cosidering what you've been in the news for, couldn't even get clearance to adopt a cat.

851 days ago


Although I am not a Lindsey Lohan fan, I think Rosie needs to keep her mouth shut. She always bashes someone when maybe she should be looking at her own life...which is miserable.

850 days ago

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rosie o donnel seems that she is very bitter angry mean spiteful backstabing person maybe this ugly hag should go around with a bag over her head she could be the new unknown comedian

850 days ago


Ok. Rosie has 11 Emmys from her talk show. Failure? Michael Lohan doesn't know what the F he is talking about.

Yes, Rosie can be a loudmouth but she is wildly more successful then Lindsay will ever be.

Not sure how much stock to put into this but has Rosie at $100M and Lindsay at $1.4M. 'Nough said.

850 days ago


I have to say I agree with the sperm donor. I want Lindsey to make it and Rosie is nothing more than a miserable old lady who rants on anything that is in the news to get her name in print. Funny I really used to like her...I am team Lindsey. I hope everyday she overcomes her demons. At that age not many of us could say we were angels. At 46 I am really glad I didn't have cameras following me around at Lindsey's age. I still would have some "splainin" to do.

850 days ago


Seriously? She looks like dog doo.

I have a friend who, I chit you not, was arrested and charged for assault...with a bag of RAISINS! Sooooo, it doesn't take much to get charged.

849 days ago


Pot... meet kettle.

849 days ago
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