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Octomom's House

4-Person Clean-Up Army

4/25/2012 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after TMZ posted pictures of the horrifying living conditions in Octomom's house -- a 4-person clean-up crew showed up in full force ... with enough cleaning supplies to shine the entire neighborhood.

As we previously reported, Dr. Drew bought Octo a year's worth of cleaning services last November -- as part of a life-improvement package that also includes a year of child care services.

Shockingly, the cleaning crew visits Octo's house pretty regularly -- though you wouldn't think it looking at the current state of her house.


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I think even an individual who has finished graduate school and has a steady income would have trouble raising 14 kids! In my humble opinion she (and the Duggers) are neglecting their kids by default!! Sure, they may not intend to but just having that many kids almost guarentees neglect! The kid to adult ratio is about 1:6 in many daycare centers and preschools! You can't possibly give your undivided attention to any particular child with that many children!

889 days ago

¡Arriba ¡Ándele!    

yeah, right.
That crew of kids would have SuperNanny strapped and tied down in a chair with a fire built under her in no time.
Super-Nanny would be Super-Crisped to a Super Well-Done state of perfection.

889 days ago


Clearly Octomom is in way over her head with those kids, and trying to keep them fed and a roof over their heads. Her recent topless modeling for $10,000 was a pretty disgusting way to do this, but typical of the way she brings in cash. And the hair styling expense is probably part and parcel to bringing in this kind of money. But what's up with the hair stylist trashing her client? If she's that concerned about the welfare of the children, why is she going to TMZ after Child Protective Services and the police have already been involved? She could drop the client and donate a portion of that check to have the plumbing fixed, and be more than just a gossip.

889 days ago


I am definitely NOT Octomom's biggest fan, but I am a mom of 2 and can't even imagine how much work having that number of kids would be. I am not surprised her house looks as it does (except for the graffiti!). As for the kids not wearing pants -- how old are the little ones? When mine were little and learning to use the toilet, weather permitting we would put a potty in the backyard and let them walk around with no pants to let them get used to using the toilet. This is not an uncommon practice.

889 days ago


Good ole Dr Sell Out Drew gave her a "life improvement" package. LOL Looks like she enjoyed the haircuts and hair products, doc. What a attention ho chump he is and what a repulsive, sick thing she is. They're quite a use-me-use you pair.

889 days ago


Hopefully when her kids grow up she tells them to make babies the old fashion way.. This woman needed a man in her dark in vitro hour. Would have been better off taking fake orgasm tips from this chic hashtag #fakeitbaby

889 days ago


Nadya is only receiving FOOD STAMPS and last time I checked, you can't pay a hairstylist with food stamps, you can't buy anything but food with food stamps! Nadya is not receiving CASH ASSISTANCE she is only receiving FOOD STAMPS ASSISTANCE. GEES!

As for Dr. Drew giving Nadya nannies. You people don't pay attention to watch you're watching and reading. Dr. Drew apologized to Nadya, he didn't know the Nanny service he hired would have to move into Nadya home and had to have her own room.
hope that link works.

Stop being so damn judgemental!

889 days ago


why does this good for nothing filthy slob pig get so many free services - kids or no kids - enough is enough - kids are being used for promotion to generate sympathy - disgusting she gets so many free services -

889 days ago


Stop supporting this white trash be0tch! She should be in jail, not getting help! Email Dr. Drew to stop his services!
Don’t complaint on TMZ, write to DR DREW HIMSELF!

889 days ago


why can't she clean her own house

889 days ago


can people stop calling this pathetic human being "octomom". In no way she deserves the title mom.

889 days ago


I think this is so stupid! You should quit bashing the woman! You haven't been in her house you dont know that the pipes arn't working! I bet ya dont even know how hard it is to clean a house with a bunch of youngins in it! I know it is not easy! I am praying for her and all you bullheaded people!

888 days ago


Okay, this point that some are making about it being "normal" for little children to use their potty chairs outside quite frankly is making me quite mad. I'm not a mother but I grew up in dire poverty and we NEVER **** IN THE YARD. Not in public view or on a REGULAR BASIS. If we had an accident, we went home to clean up and we told our mother about it but we had a toilet and was expected to USE IT.
I then asked my sister who is raising 2 kids, a 7 and 8 year old and she thinks it is totally disgusting to have your child use their potty chair outdoors. She lived in the country, in the woods, on a mountain in Eastern PA and she STILL never would allow her children to use their potty chairs on a REGULAR basis outdoors. She was so appalled that people would think it was normal to have your children do this. She told me that when they went for walks in the woods and they couldn't hold it she would allow them to relieve themselves. But never would she dress her boy in girls clothes and allow them to go potty in full view of the neighbors near a public street, as seen in a photo. So I am glad that I am not alone on this issue. She also told me that her mother in law ( who lived in the same area) would allow my niece and nephew to relieve themselves in the woods and my sister about had a stroke when she found out. She said she is not raising barn animals, but children.

888 days ago


And all I had to do was have a lot of kids to get free cleaning for a year...hhmmm

888 days ago


GREAT start. now you have only 947 million more homes to go.

884 days ago
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