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Brazilian Blowout to Octomom

Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

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4/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brazilian Blowout -- the company behind the hair procedure Octomom dropped hundreds of dollars on while on welfare -- is MORTIFIED by Octo's reckless spending ... and now, it's hatched a plan to make things right with taxpayers.

BB CEO Mike Brady tells TMZ, "We want to make sure that California taxpayers' money is not going to anything other than taking care of [Nadya Suleman's] children. We don't want to see those kids miss out on anything at the cost of a Brazilian Blowout."

So, a rep for the company tells us, BB is offering to reimburse Octomom the entire cost of her recent Brazilian Blowouts -- plus other hair treatments -- totaling $520.

But that's not it -- BB also wants to give Octomom free blowouts in the future at the company's salon in West Hollywood ... so she's not squandering her limited cash supply on luxury goods. BB will even cover the cost of a sitter while the mother of 14 is getting primped.

To top it all off, BB is offering to pay to fix Octo's toilet -- which might finally allow her kids to poop inside. One can only dream.


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that is the stupidist thing I have ever heard! Why would you REWARD this women for her bad behavior? plenty of hard working people out there deserve a break - NOT OCTOMOM stop giving this women free ANYTHING stop giving her attention, the only thing she needs is a shrink and forced supervision for her children!

875 days ago


Great for them! Using misfortune to make money for their company. This is great advertising for them. Plus a tax right off I'm sure for "advertising expense"

875 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Since everybody is allegedly jealous....Dear Brazillian Blowout, please give Nadya many, many, many of your overpriced formladehyde treatments. And please do encourage her to relax and take many many deep breaths while her head is covered in your toxic crap.

875 days ago


One of Obamas voters a great Exsample of Liberalism

875 days ago


I agree with Philly- dont give her the money back rather pay the plumber for repairs she will just blow the money on herself another way.

875 days ago


I think it's a great thing for the company to do. The children are here. This woman is clearly overwhelmed. She needs a reality show that shows her turning her life around it. You can do it Octomom!

875 days ago


ReallY!!!!! TMZ, Please stop promoting this woman. She is not a celberity and you are inhibiting her!!! I SAY NO MORE OCTOMOM! please and thank you; a devoted readed and watcher

875 days ago

Lord Gaga    

so is doing the bald eagle thing ? or is she sporting an airport ? how about the mustache ? pics please !!!

875 days ago


How nice. She must look her best as she's moving into her cardboard box in a few days. She's losing the losing the house due to mismanagment, stupidity, selfessness and general lack of brains. Fixing the toilets is a plus for the bank. Although they are going to have to gut the place and rebuild. No cleaning the smells and filth she leaves behind everywhere she goes!

875 days ago

jenn now she's getting even more free crap because of the bad decisions she continues to make?? I hate her.

875 days ago


I was actually going to look into that hair treatment but after reading this and learning of the handouts they are giving to this underserving piece of. Well, nevermind this company. I hope they go bankrupt.

875 days ago


Oh BB people! I hope this turns into a real PR nightmare for you! Why single her out for a reward for being irresponsible? Why not reward responsible, hard-working, penny-pinching Moms trying to make it with only their paychecks? Don't theu deserve a bit of luxury too? Your intentions are mis-guided at best.

875 days ago


Are you kidding me? That's really kind of the company to do that. However, she's not going to learn a thing from that. Welfare just needs to doc her $500 since she clearly doesn't need the money.

875 days ago

Jeanne Reed    

Mike, you are a gentleman. I have a solution for all of this. Brangelina need to donate part of the proceeds of the wedding pics to Octomoms kids so they have a freaking chance for a freaking decent life. Come on Brangelina....cough it up. When your kids don't have toilets it is on purpose when you are in some freaky third world country. Do the right thing.

875 days ago

Just Karen    

The more you give her, the more entitled she will think she is. I'm sick of these welfare people abusing the system and getting more things in life than the "working poor." The people who work 40 hours a week for minimum wage, but they are out there working. Why her welfare isn't pulled is beyond me, she is definitey abusing the system and no one will do anything....It's sad...

875 days ago
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