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Buff Bagwell's Wife

Medication May Have Caused

Pre-Accident Seizure

4/26/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former WCW wrestling star Buff Bagwell's near-fatal accident this week may have been the result of a seizure induced by a sudden change in medication -- this according to his wife.

Buff's wife dialed 911 Monday -- right around the time of his accident -- claiming Buff had just called her on the road, saying he was about to have a seizure. Buff's wife was worried, so she called 911.

She told the operator, "He's been cutting back on taking certain medications, and he is on a medication right now for a bacteria that’s in his system from another antibiotic. He's trying to cut back on pain pills, and maybe that’s what's causing [the seizure]."

She adds, Buff "has had a seizure before from the same thing."

Another 911 caller, an eyewitness who ran to Bagwell's aid after the accident, claims the 42-year-old was barely conscious with "a lot of blood on his face."

The caller claims no other car was involved in the accident. Buff is currently in intensive care at a nearby hospital.

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Wow now not taking your usual abusive dose of oxy's is considered a legitimate excuse in causing car wrecks. Amazing logic from the dopers wife.

908 days ago


Ummm, If he felt the seizer coming on... why didn't he pull over before he called his wife???

908 days ago


Seizures affect brain function, he probably wasn't thinking straight at all. I think this guy might be epileptic.

907 days ago


first off who the H_ll is Buff Bagewell
second mixing steriods with meditcations smart move.

907 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't feel bad for him at all. If he had the time to call and warn his wife of his upcoming seizure on his cell phone while driving then he had time to pull over and get off the road before the seizure actually happened. Also if he has had seizures before with these medications then why on earth is he even driving!! DUMBASS! He was lucky he didn't kill any innocent people!!

907 days ago


He had time to call his wife he should have made time to pull over!

907 days ago


If he had the time to call his wife, while driving, to tell her that he was going to have a seizure, why didn't he PULL OFF THE ROAD? Was it that or did the accident happen while he was talking on his cell phone? Something is NOT right with this story. Seriously, if you can talk on your phone will driving and he had enough sense to call and tell his wife, then he had the sense to pull over... he could have killed someone besides himself.

907 days ago


If he had time to call his wife why didn't he pull over so he didn't have a seizure while driving?? That doesn't make sense! He could've killed someone!

907 days ago


IDIOTS,HERE'S SOME COMMON SENSE,You take drugs of any kind PRESCRIPTION OR OTHER ,DONT F''KING DRIVE,Lucky that jerk didnt kill anyone while having a seizure.his wife is a moron to.Who is this guy anyway?never heard of him.

907 days ago


I have epilepsy, and this just doesn't make sense. As Buff said, he was able to tell that a seizure was coming on, which is pretty common in epileptics. Of course everyone has different triggers, but a vast majority of those I have spoken with who also have epilepsy can tell you they know when one is coming on. I had a scare a few months ago at work when I went outside to smoke a cigarette on my break. The light bouncing off the cars as I walked into the building started to make me feel disorientated and shaky and I knew if I didn't get to a dark place that I would more than likely have a seizure. If you know or have an inkling something might happen, you drop everything. I realise this individual didn't have epilepsy, but if you have a feeling of something not going right.. why on Earth would you continue to drive?

906 days ago


what cha gonna do when a seizure runs wild on you? Whooooooooo!

905 days ago


I live close to were the accident happend it actually is in woodstock ga near the local movie theater and my hs rival woodstock!

905 days ago

Ashlyn Hood    

This is my 2 cousin. You may not beilive me but he is and i fell really lucky to still have him alive. Thanks for all your prayers!!

766 days ago

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