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Miss Dominican Republic


Over Secret Marriage

4/26/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Miss Dominican Republic Carlina Duran
The woman who won the title of Miss Dominican Republic 2012 ... has been forced to relinquish her crown after officials discovered the ultimate skeleton in her closet -- A HUSBAND!!!

25-year-old Carlina Duran has been 86'd from her post ... after pageant officials say she violated a rule which requires all contestants to be single.

According to reports, Duran has been married since 2009 ... and never told anyone about her ol' ball and chain ... until AFTER she was outed as a MISSUS.

Now, the crown will be passed to the 1st runner-up -- Dulcita Lieggi.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Very stupid rule. It is a form of discrimination.
Just as if a place of business fired someone for being married would be illegal, it should not be legal to be able to specify that only those who are single can enter a pageant.

913 days ago

Zesty Teste    

Umm, the whole point of the "Miss ____" contests is that it's supposed to be unmarried women. That's why there are also "Mrs _____" contests that are for married women... It's like having a heavyweight championship vs. a welterweight championship. You can't have a heavyweight try to enter the welterweight championship and then get upset that they were disallowed because they weighed too much.

913 days ago


They accept "Transsexuals", I meant Men into the Miss Universe and because she's married they force her to return the Crown? That's the most ridiculousness rule that I ever heard!

913 days ago

wow ew    

So they allow trannies but not REAL women who are married to REAL men?!?!?! (NOT trannies.) What the **** kind of **** world do we live in?? I am so pissed off!

913 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

O.M.G. Are you kidding me. Classic case of Marriage phobia. Bigots, Bigots I say. Equality for all.

913 days ago


Dulcita has 22 yrs old. Not 24 or 29, as everybody is saying.

913 days ago

Pudding Tang    

shouldn't they be virgins too? never to have been penetrated by that spicy chilorio, oh nevermind, bikini camel toe would not be as prevalent then

913 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I thought both photos were the same person.

Of course it's a stupid rule, pageants are stupid. Once you start letting in women who used to be men and married women, why bother having rules at all? Once you start throwing out all the stupid rules for your stupid pageant, what's the point of your stupid contest....not that there really was one in the first place.

913 days ago


It's not all that stupid. It's a "Miss" contest. If you are married, you can enter the "Mrs" contests.

913 days ago


Trannies or Mrs have no place in a MISS contest. I think it is time to dump the whole contest, since it is getting invaded anyway, what's the point if men and married women can join

913 days ago

stan de man     

whats up with you is called the " MISS" pageant not the miz or mrs pageant..geeeeez bet you voted for obama ..

913 days ago

Mary P    

She knew the rules for years - it's not a secret. She lied. She's done. It's Miss. There are pageants for Mrs. The lives that these women lead with all the appearances, all the travel, etc. are hectic. They make hundreds of appearances during their reigns from the start. Sometimes as many as 10 things in one day. A husband complicates that and puts stress on their marriage. Then we'd all be back here saying "Miss "X Country Title" ruined my marriage because they wouldn't let me have time off to go with my husband!". They open stores, do relentless media appearances, charity appearances, compete in the Universe title which takes oodles of time. Same reason they can't be parents (and why single parents can't enlist). You can't devote your time to relationships with all that.

913 days ago


So its okay to accept Transgenders, yet this marriage thing is a violation?

912 days ago

St James III    

MISS <<~~~~~ You can't be married and a "MISS" C'mon now!!! They have MRS pageants for the married folks. People are getting carried away trying to cry unfair every time a rule of structure is broken.

912 days ago

St James III    

Looks like the runner up shoulda won anyway. She's hotter.

912 days ago
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