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Octomom's House

Gets Graffiti-Scrubbing Facelift

4/26/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's graffiti-riddled den of filth is morphing back into a normal-looking house -- at least for now -- because the entire interior just got a fresh new paint job ... and TMZ got the photos.

As we first reported, La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services showed up at Nadya Suleman's home Tuesday, after receiving a complaint that the mother of 14 lets her kids live in horrendous conditions.

But today, -- the website that pays celebs to talk to their fans on the phone -- donated the company's first month of profits (over $10,000) to spruce up Nadya's house.

A rep for the website -- which employs Octomom along with several other celebs -- tells TMZ, cleaners have already started painting over the giant murals of graffiti inside and outside of the house, patching holes in the wall, and fixing the doors.

As for Octomom's stylist's claims that only one toilet works in the house -- we got video of Octo proving it's no longer true ... you see her flushing THREE toilets.



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Spending $10k to clean up her house is like putting a band-aid on a severed artery. The kids will just graffiti and poke holes in the walls again seconds after the painters leave!

Nadya needs to invest in hiring a nanny that can also teach her how to control her brood. If not, companies will be shelling out another $10k in a month to fix up the house again.

That money would be better donated to charities like children's hospitals or something. Let Octomom suffer since having all those kids was her decision.

873 days ago


So she neglects her kids, lets her house get filthy and broken down until the kids have to go to the bathroom in the backyard, and everything is fixed ONLY because someone else paid for it and did all the work, and TMZ wants us to...what, throw her a party? Pat her on the back? WRONG. She’s worthless trash now just as much as she was yesterday. Once the spotlight is off her and companies aren’t picking up the tab for PR she’ll be back to neglecting those kids and letting them live in filth while she spends everything on herself. TAKE THOSE KIDS AWAY NOW CPS. They should have done it when she decided a single mom raising 14 kids was a good idea.

873 days ago


What a Con.... Evidently the only reason she has fixed the basics is because of the publicity that has arisen lately. Looking at the house and the way it has been kept it is obvious that she has no supervisory skills in that house. How can you walk into your home and see not only the first bit of graffiti on the wall but ALL the walls seem to be vandalized in a home she does NOT own.

873 days ago


You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Good gosh get those kids away from her before she screws them up anymore than she already has.

873 days ago

A viewer    

She seems excited with all the attention. I get it now, let your kids ruin the house with markers,, crayons, filth, decide to spruce up the place by letting the world know what a user/pig you are by allowing cameras to do***ent your self-imposed slob, egotistical, lifestyle, all supplied free of charge by either taxpayers money or desperate businesses who need the exposure. This whole Octomom episode should be called "Octomom's Fraud Lesson 101". She now needs to hook up with Kate and her brood - all move into an empty warehouse and see how they can scratch, claw, scheme to see who comes out ahead. Poor children....

873 days ago


Giving an idiot free stuff doesn't do anything. Those companies just see her as free P.R. and are taking advantage of the situation. It's doing more harm than good.

873 days ago


I wonder if she's ever had a psych evaluation?

873 days ago


$10,000 is a lot of money for cosmetic repairs - paint and some spackle? I smell another con...

873 days ago



873 days ago


$10,000 is a lot of money for cosmetic repairs with paint and spakle. I smell another con.

873 days ago


Why do people continue to give this woman help and money?? I have a child and can barely afford for us to get by but no one helps me. No ones paying for me to get my hair done or babysitting services. I do what I can to make sure my child has what she needs. I don't ever get to treat myself to something. This lady needs to lose her kids already! people stop bailing her out! She Doesnt deserve it! Take her Damn kids away. Maybe they will end up with someone who wants them and will take care of them.

873 days ago


And did you see her Double sink shelf LOADED with cosmetics?Scammer!& look she is getting MORE freebs!

873 days ago


please as a social worker ..i have seen worse....just go to east oakland......mother takes her welfare money to buy drugs....has no electricity and uses candles...while out getting high and her 6 kids alone at home with candles burning for heat and light...the house catches fire and all 6 kids this is nothing compared to what i have seen.

873 days ago


And once again she pulls the 'poor me's card and someone else picks up the slack and foots her bills... Did anyone ask her why the hell she let the kids continue writing all over the walls in the first place?! I understand it must be a nightmare trying to control 14 children, but it looks to me like she let things fall immediately into disrepair and never gave a rats ass about fixing or cleaning anything until someone ratted her out and showed what was going on inside the home... I'm sure whoever she is renting from just loved the photos.

873 days ago


Octo is constantly saying she wants to do it all on her own, doesn't want to take anyone's help, etc, yet who wants to bet she'll totally accept Brazilian Blowouts offer of free hair care and products? It's cheaper for them to provide products and services than pay for an ad on TMZ, because they know Octo is bat**** crazy and will be featured here everyday.
Instead of giving her $520 that she can blow on herself, maybe they should have fixed her toilet (I know it's fixed now) and bought those poor babies real beds. You think Octo will think 'oh I now have $520, and while my bed consists of a mattress with sheets and blankets (there was a photo of it yesterday), maybe my children would like to sleep on a surface other than a thin pad on the floor and maybe they would like some blankets'. So sad for those babies

873 days ago
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