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Kim Kardashian

Spends a Bootyful Day in NYC

4/27/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kim Kardashian an her world famous gigantic badonkadonkWith Kanye West nowhere in sight, Kim Kardashian spent some quality time with her world famous gigantic badonkadonk while out spending her share of her $40 million reality TV deal in NYC on Thursday.

A derriere can be a girl's best friend too.



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her ass looks like cottage cheese. really gross.

873 days ago


I would be so emarrassed to show thtat familys asses esp hers, sick aick unrell like a freak in a circus, lol at how stupid she is not get lipsuction asap, , and shes so stupid to stick it out How did a mother raise such pigs and the dad i bet the dad was a pervert,over them growing up into teens all such pigs gross gross gross, her stinkin ass, Shell always get hired into freak shows pornos shows, like their tv shows its all about b spears type sex shows, and sick mentelly, only the low lifes will watch thme or the lol ones, for entertaiment, as thow throw up after, lol

873 days ago


Big ass with a little head. Wow!

873 days ago


do not like Kardashian family as they are trash and teach trash to people. I do think however that Kim is pretty and exotic and has a good shape (curvy). However, her behind is not atractive at all. Ether camera does not take it well or it is out of proportions. It looks like a huge bubble and sits to high up, including her but crack that goes all the way up to her spine. Not sure why this round bubble is considered to be an asset. It looks more like a liability to me. Kinda like sheep's behind/

873 days ago


Let the haters hate. The woman has a gorgeous @ss. Most MEN would agree. If she was a nobody and walked through a club, there's no doubt almost every MAN would check her out. MEN love T&A. Why is Sofia Vergara so hot right now? Christina Hendricks? Because they have CURVES instead of "Hollywood" bodies that look like anorexic teenage boys. Ladies: Just because gay designers want you to look gaunt and thin doesn't mean men want you that way. EVERY GUY I've ever discussed KK -- not a lot -- with has said how much he'd like to get with her. Is she a talentless, botoxed shill? Of course. But who cares when she's got all that!

873 days ago



873 days ago


Please stop making everyone sick by putting a photo displaying that huge, fat a**. If Kim's a** is this big now imagine how big it will be when she is as old as her mother.

872 days ago


I remember watching "The Simple Life" with Paris H and Nicole R. I remember them always calling "someone they knew" a hoe. This is before the world knew of KK. Well years later, they were right she is such a hoe. Everytime I see a pic of her I think of jizz. Used up and worn out. She has been used more than her valtrex Rx.

871 days ago


k i know this goes w out saying...but, the a$$ is amazing. its just...captivating - kind has its own visual graviational pull, if you will. ( o_o) >>>> ( | )

871 days ago


Stop being such haters....there is too much hate in this world as it is. Thats why she is making millions and u r sitting behind your $400 Toshiba lap top and posting hateful comments. Who's the loser here????

864 days ago


It reminds me of the fake hiney Shirley had in Laverne and Shirley!

560 days ago
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