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Kim Kardashian

Makes Peace

with 'Mad Men' Nemesis

4/27/2012 7:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

John Hamm and Kim Kardashian
Say what you will about Kim Kardashian ... but she doesn't hold grudges, because our spies tell us she made peace last night with the actor who has been trashing her -- Jon Hamm.

Kim and Jon were both on a special live version of "30 Rock" Thursday night.  Kim had a pretty small part but she slayed everyone at the end (take a look at the video).

Jon Hamm was also on the show, did his thing.  You'll recall Jon went after Kim with a vengeance last month, saying Kim was stupid and a "f**king idiot."

But after the show last night, we're told they both spoke to each other and, as Kim told a friend, "We laughed it all off." Kim also said Jon was "very sweet and very respectful."

We love show business. It's so phony.


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And she's always holding that stupid phone of hers so she can look at pictures of herself !!!

848 days ago


Jon Ham is No Better than KIM........Actually, Kim is Better for NOT Trashing this Ugly Bastard...........Goes to Show, you cant BUY MANNERS.......At Lease KIM Has Manners!!! Unlike most of the Human race these days

848 days ago


I am so disgusted with TMZ and these lame, ass-kissin' Kardashian articles. How many times a DAY do we have to go through this? Enough already; it's ridiculous. Don't you people at TMZ have any professional pride?

848 days ago


What would KK do without her camera phone to take pictures of herself all the time? What did she do before she had a camera phone to take pictures of herself all the time??? Never seen anybody so f-ing concieted in my whole life. Enjoy all your money, Kim. Thats pretty much all you have going for you.

848 days ago


Today's daily kardashian installment, bought and paid for by the kardashian family. TMZ = for sale to highest bidder, i.e. the kardashians and wrestling. I mean seriously, if they aren't paying then who in the world at tmz thinks people are interested in them?

848 days ago


I won't believe it until I hear it out of Jon's mouth. The Kardashian's have been known to lie to the public, shocker.

848 days ago


Great, we don't get enough of this piss bucket already ? We now have to see her doing cameos ? Enough !

848 days ago

Cannabinol kid    

You've heard of the uber gay trend of naming celeb couples with moronic names like "Kimye" for Kanye and Kardashian ? I'm coining the first appropriate one for this POS couple........wait for it........ "KaKa"

848 days ago

Cannabinol kid    

I wouldn't wish cancer on anybody, but Kim is really a nobody so I think I'll wish.....

848 days ago


I would not be suprised if this entire incident was a PLANNED publicity stunt,folks. They are never going away-oh,well.....there are worse things,like Rawanda,for example.

848 days ago


She only did it because he's more respected than she will ever be. And she wants her idiot fans to think that she's part of the "in crowd" of hollyweird.

848 days ago

Jay W.     

Kim is a f..king push over.

848 days ago


I like Jon Hamm very much in Mad Men. He is perfect for that role and does a very good job. His look is spot on and he has got it down pat as far as the stereotypical mannerisms and facial expressions you would expect from a guy of that era in that profession. Retroactive stereotype, not necessarily total reality. I grew up in the 60's, so it is all somewhat reminiscent. He shouldn't be criticizing Kim, though. Because she is an actress also. Her show is just a different format disguised as "reality", while his is an openly, traditional, scripted one. Reality TV reminds me of "pro wresting" in the 1970's. People were actually debating whether or not it was real, if you can believe that. Of course reality TV isn't "real". It is just a scripted soap opera where the actors have more freedom to improvise. Shut your mouth, Jon, and think again before you speak. Seldom, and very seldom, can anything beneficial to you come out of down talking someone else. Blame the audience who are shallow enough to give the Kardashians ratings. Not them.

848 days ago

silverchixx are so far up this brands bottom!

848 days ago


maybe the west coast was obsessed w/seeing kardashian but, if you check out the show on Hulu, there's no kim at all. Thank you, God!!!

848 days ago
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