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Lindsay Lohan

Misses Flight to Washington D.C.

For White House Correspondents' Bash

4/27/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things just never change. Lindsay Lohan was a no-show at LAX for her scheduled 1 PM flight to the nation's capital for the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

We know Lindsay was supposed to be on the flight, along with her lawyer, Shawn Holley. Shawn made the flight, as did another passenger named George Clooney, who will also be at the dinner.

As for why Lindsay missed the flight ... we're told she just couldn't pull it together. She PLANS on taking a later flight.

There are reports Lindsay was out late last night -- although we have not confirmed it.

Funny ... we asked Shawn Holley who was a more difficult client -- Lindsay or OJ Simpson (Shawn worked for Johnnie Cochran during the OJ trial). Her answer: "I have no difficult clients."



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Jim in Cali    

Seriously what would TMZ report on if they didn't have their daily Kardashian and Lohan post? They should be on the payroll.

So Lindsay missed her flight and will take one later tonight. Big deal.

804 days ago


The White House Whorespondents Dinner with Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian with Madam Kris Jenner.

804 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Did you see that photo on dlisted? Holy mother of pearl! If anybody thinks that girl doesn't do hard drugs, they are delusional.

Of course the defense lawyer isn't going to say bad things about people they work for.

804 days ago


Honig said it was a simple miscommunication; they were informed they were informed the plane wasnt leaving until tomorrow. It was a simple misunderstanding.

804 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay Lohan was partying last night and stayed at the party UNTIL 6:30AM THIS MORNING. That is why she is not on that plane @ 1pm.

804 days ago


This is what anger looks like when it comes out "sideways". Classic passive aggressive moves EVERY DAY and NO ONE is sitting on her.....bad bad move

804 days ago


good God TMZ, are you monitoring EVERY move Lindsay Lohan makes? can you tell us how many times a day she inhales and exhales? this is just ridiculous! I suppose your weekend story will be "Lindsay Catches Flight to Washington DC"

804 days ago


I didn't know there was only 1 flight to Washington d c

804 days ago


HyukHYAHAHA!What a surprise,she couldn't pull it together.Really?

804 days ago


I LOATHE this useless waste of molecules!

804 days ago


C'mon another misunderstanding. Cut the crap. A very good chance Holly reminded her. Shes hungover. It's a 5 hr flight providing no delays with a 3 hour time difference. Lohan is going to have to grab the red eye tonight.

Even if she took a 6am flight tomorrow, by the time she gets there she will have about 2 hrs to get ready. Honig and Lohan need to get new excuses. No wonder why Lohan is such a joke.

Maybe Holly wont have to tell Kimmel not to poke fun of Lohan after all. Would it surprise anyone if Lohan is a noshow?

804 days ago


She was busy scoring some coke & taking pics of her lit wrecked-ness

804 days ago


And they want her to play Elizabeth Taylor!!!! She frickin' missed the plane to go to the White House!!! PLEASE don't make her play that part. There will be many, many more situations like that.

804 days ago


Yeah, I wouldn't have wasted my time on that fight either.

804 days ago


GC is exactly right, she was out until 6:30 am today, and she couldn't get it together to get to an airport without having her hand held. And what a crock Holley had to feed to TMZ about her being a talented actress and great individual. This is so funny as it's going exactly as predicted on here. I don't even think she wants to go. She probably could care less about the President or appreciate the opportunity to see him. Susan, what you need photographic evidence of her being out all night? Just like there needed to be proof of her at the Standard when she said she wasn't. Throw in the damn towel you Lohan's and Lohan freak's sooooooo over! LOL! I mean, this train has wrecked and fallen off the mountain.

804 days ago
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