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Lindsay Lohan

Misses Flight to Washington D.C.

For White House Correspondents' Bash

4/27/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some things just never change. Lindsay Lohan was a no-show at LAX for her scheduled 1 PM flight to the nation's capital for the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

We know Lindsay was supposed to be on the flight, along with her lawyer, Shawn Holley. Shawn made the flight, as did another passenger named George Clooney, who will also be at the dinner.

As for why Lindsay missed the flight ... we're told she just couldn't pull it together. She PLANS on taking a later flight.

There are reports Lindsay was out late last night -- although we have not confirmed it.

Funny ... we asked Shawn Holley who was a more difficult client -- Lindsay or OJ Simpson (Shawn worked for Johnnie Cochran during the OJ trial). Her answer: "I have no difficult clients."



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well Lindsay screwing up sure is new news...give me a break, all you Lindsay enablers, have fun at her funeral since you all brought it on. The world will be a better place without this waste of space, oh and take Kimmiecakes with you, we hate her too.

845 days ago


If she doesn't make it at all, Greta could staple a photo of Lindsay to Kardashians ass. I think it would work, with no one being the wiser.

845 days ago


oops falling back on old habits hmm thought she was turning over a new leaf, taking charge of her life, becoming responsible.....wonder when that starts?
OR that she knows she was invited as a sorta joke, and she doesn't want to go?

845 days ago


Lifetime produers, witness the last few days, THIS IS YOU'RE LIFE!

845 days ago


Too hung-over to catch the flight, huh Lindsay ?

As usual your committing career "suicide".

You've got to be the most stupid, un-professional, in-denial, party-drunk, club-hoe,
woman on the face of the planet.

You never stop the BS. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

845 days ago


I still think she'll be there. This is free publicity, are you kidding me? She will be on a flight tonight.

845 days ago


Lifetime can always put the movie on indefinate hold. Just because Lohan signed a contract Lifetime is not stuck. Lohan still tripping on her own lies and gets caught. Not one reason she couldn not be on that flight today. Other than the obvious reasons.

As Judge Sautner pointed out "see the pattern". Lohan has not disappointed. She's a moron. Hey, giving enough rope you hang yourself.

845 days ago


Not important enough for her to attend, she wouldn't have been the center of attention. Surely Lifetime is sweating in their boots over their oh so ludicrous choice.

845 days ago


So funny right now Steve Honing is holding her head under a cold shower while dumping black coffee down her throat and when he's finished he is going throw some clothes on here tape her mouth shut and tie her hands behind her back and goose step her ass on the next flight to DC...cause dam it ...this is his only big chance to rub elbows with the biggies from the news net works and he's not going let this stupid crackheaded whore ruin it.... ..If security ask about the handcups and taped mouth he will just tell'um "is Lindsay Lohan move that cone" and they will.....LOL and help carry her own the plane ...just to get her ass out of LA for the weekend....Hope they take lots of photos....

Seriously the odds of her actually making the dinner is getting alfully long.....LOL ....think about it...She would have to go a whole 24 hours without any coke and any alcohol at all and have to cut down on her meds....and thats one hell of a long time for a a eternity which she may not be able to do.....
/but what every happen Shawn is going ain't she ....lOL

845 days ago

Who Knew    

She does this to make the tabloids.

845 days ago


As usual the enabler are spinning it like it's no big deal.
If it was just missing a flight- OK it happens.

But the missing the flight on the heels of partying until 6:30 which was on the heels of being late for the "Glee" shoot, which is on the heels of two bar fights (one she denied being at until the evidence proved otherwise.)

Yes missing the flight as an isolated incident was NBD. HOWEVER ***ulatively when adding in the antics of the last two weeks or so demonstrates a pattern of irresponsibility.

The fact that the spinners are here- Susill,richardwhacko, messenger, et al indicates Lohaninc KNOWS what a frak-up this is. An already fragile rep can't take too many more of these hits.

And BTW spinners- don't start with the "no-proof" crapola. If YOU clowns say it didn't then I'm inclined to believe it did. And whether or not you fools want to believe it or not, if she DID miss the flight because of partying the Hollywood decision makers are going to know and trust me they aren't going to be checking with Susan,Darkape,richardwhacko, or messenger to see if it was true.

845 days ago


Be happy for Shawn! She probably had an interesting chat with George Clooney.

845 days ago


A Comeback? She can't even do a get to.....

845 days ago


Isn't there a connecting flight she can take, like through North Dakota, Korea or Japan?

845 days ago


So if she can't sober up long enough to catch a flight- how messed up is she going to be the actual dinner? "Excuse me I have to go powder my nose." Every 10 mins.

845 days ago
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