TMZ Live George Clooney ... Come Party with Me & the Prez

4/27/2012 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: George Clooney -- Come Party with Me and the Prez

George Clooney is planning a party for President Obama, and you're invited ... to enter a raffle to maybe, possibly get into the party. A TMZ staffer tells us how she got on the list.

Plus, why Kim Kardashian decided to bury the hatchet with Jon Hamm -- and Shanna Moakler joins us to share the amazing, but sad story of her missing dog ... snatched by a hawk! Also, Lindsay Lohan ... M.I.A ... again!

(0:00) Lindsay Lohan has a date with the POTUS ... but she missed her flight. Anyone surprised?
(6:10) Your move Octomom ... and woman in Mexico claims to be pregnant with NINE babies.
(10:30) Kim Kardashian settles her beef with Jon Hamm ... and it's all thanks to Tina Fey.<
br /> (14:20) Justin Bieber talks about marriage ... and probably ticks off his GF Selena Gomez.
(20:38) Shanna Moakler calls in to tell the saddest story ever -- her tiny dog got swooped up by an eagle ... never to be seen again.
(24:34) Obama's campaign strategy -- who wants to party at George Clooney's house?
(29:45) Joe Biden's latest gaffe is so funny ... we had to play it twice.
(34:23) Warren G joins us over webcam to talk about shedding weight ... and then putting on muscle.
(39:45) Gabourey Sidibe met her idol Joan Cusack ... and you won't believe what Joan said to her.
(44:43) We take your calls!