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Usher & Ex-Wife in Court

Child Custody Showdown

5/1/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have gotten an ultimatum in their custody war -- they're at the Atlanta courthouse trying to settle it, and if they can't the judge is going to lay down the law.

The singer and his ex-wife showed up to Fulton County Court this morning -- where a judge ordered the couple to try and hash out a temporary custody agreement in private mediation.

They've had all morning to work something out -- but if they don't come to terms soon ... they'll face the judge again this afternoon ... when he'll impose a temporary order, deciding how Usher and Tameka will split their time with their kids.

The order will also address child support.

As we've reported, Usher and Tameka have been fighting over their kids for years -- Tameka wants full custody, claiming he secretly uses drugs. Usher has denied the allegations, asking for an increase in daddy time. The couple currently shares custody.


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They both suck equally!

907 days ago


Innocent kids I feel so bad for them this has to be so hard already having to deal with there dad being a superstar.Usher looks weired in this pic and she looks like always a ugly old golddiggin hag. Men beware mother's often no best he did not listen to his mom now look

907 days ago


She sounds just like my evil ex daughter in law.
What's up with these stupid women, that cannot encourage love between two parents?
Courts are a farce, and only want money, mo money!

907 days ago


I would never think of inferring that either one of those fine individuals have nothing but the greatest intent to foster and nurture the well being of their precious children, but I was curious, if she got full custody would that entitled her to more money? Not that I would think for a moment that Usher wouldn't gladly be in agreement to give her the additional money she'd need and wouldn't just fight her on custody to deprive her, like she was some two bit gold-digging bitch and he was a cheap ass piece of crap. No no, not these two wonderful people.

907 days ago


These rich singers/athletes should go back to arranged marriages. They should let their mother pick the woman they marry. There is an endless supply of gold diggers!

907 days ago


Usher was not using his brain when he got involved with a low end gold digger. He had to see the writing on the wall. The kids will suffer and so will Ushers bank account. I saw it coming from day 1.

907 days ago


You can never mess with a cougar and get away clean. They will scratch you up (hood ones) or make you pay child support (rich ones). oooohhhhh, poor dude!!
listen to mama, she can see them from far.

907 days ago


Ush, you should have listened to your mom. This women trashed your relationship with your mom, and now she is going after your kids. All she wants is the money. Hire some good attorneys and kick her to the curb. I know she is the mother of your children,but she is a gold digger. Take the kids if you can and leave her without a napkin to wipe her face. You have the resources. Just do it. She will never find another job, man or anything else once this is all over. She needs to join the cast of Gold Diggin Bitches. Kinda like all of the other girls that claw their way into famous peoples lives, spread their legs and take their cash.

907 days ago


Usher, you should have listen to your MAMA

907 days ago


She knew exactly what she would be getting, Usher has $$ and what better way to rob a bank then get pregnant TWICE!! that payroll goes on for 18-21 yrs. With that kind of money for child support, she'll not have to work a day in her lazy, worthless life. Golddigger was a great term. I hope something works though for them both, as both those little boys are the ones who'll suffer through this.

907 days ago


Those boys are not going to have that much respect for that mother as they become adults, regardless of how the settlement or arrangement goes. In fact, they will more than likely despise Tameka. It'd be different if they were girls. I'm sure Usher is sorry that he ever met that old woman.

907 days ago



906 days ago


Its all about money and greed for mommy. I am sure Usher can take care of all the needs for the kids...Mommy needs to take care of herself and do not use the kids as pawns to gain more money....By the time the kids get to the age of understanding the kids will clearly understand where mommy had her priorities and it won't be the kids cuz mommy drives the Benz and don't spend time with them or hooks them up with cool toys like other wealty families do....So then the kids say take a hike with your dead beat poorless boyfriend and were hanging with dad...Peace out!!! MOM - And thanks for doing everything you could to keep us from daddy YOU GREEDY MOM!!!!

906 days ago


Okay let's look at some reality "chips" here Mom said keep your seed locked up, he did not listen. Then he is a sister, I guess she figures Kim K get paid from our brothers so I can do it too only difference she had to get pregnant to get paid. Hmm he laid with the hairdresser so she must have had some bedroom tricks that he never enjoyed before so he exploded and darn it she was his wife, so in the end he had to pay for his nights of pleasure and freaking he climaxed too. In the future before anyone lay with a woman and have unprotected sex and get married to her, he needs to be sure that woman is street smart, intelligent with common sense, she loves him truly, will stand by him when he is weak, sick, rich or poor, enjoys him for him and accept all his faults and flaws and truly believes in till death do us part. There are still real women out there who stand by their husband even after his eyes wonders and his little boy wondered, they find a way to make it through and come out stronger because they are married to each other not the world or either of their friends and family. Be blessed love and live life daily

906 days ago


Tameka has been in it for the money from the beginning. She has a total of 5 children, 3 of them of which she deserted to get married and pregnant by Usher. What kind of woman did he think she was for abandoning the children she had with her ex-husband? Obviously, another man thinking with the wrong head! I like Usher as a artist, but if he was dumb enough to have kids by her, he gets what he deserves!

906 days ago
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