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Halle Berry's Ex


In Child Support

5/3/2012 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
is asking the judge in his custody war with Halle Berry for a half a million bucks in attorney's fees, and $20,000 a month in child support, TMZ has learned.

Gabriel was in court this morning, expecting to argue his case for the huge increase in child support, but the case was continued because the paperwork wasn't filled out properly.  Gabriel was extremely upset the matter was put off.

Sources tell us ... Gabriel believes he's entitled to the money because he needs a proper environment to care for 4-year-old Nahla. 

As we first reported, Halle wants to move with the child to Paris, which would have a direct impact on Gabriel's request for additional support.


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Maybe he's worth it, he is the man who planted the life seed. And it is only us men who can make life happen.
All the magic dust in the world, all the chemical formulas, the fake magic potions ....none of them match the power of the male sperm.
It's the magic dust that makes life. Without it, no woman could experience having children.
Ladies? You're welcome ;)

910 days ago


This guy is a real piece of work. He has the baby for 1/2 the time or less and cannot even support that himself. What a money hungry loser.

910 days ago


This loser needs to get a real job. His modeling days are over so now he is trying to get money any where he can. The judge will deny it because he was not married to her and Halle has primary custody. Gold Digging LOSER!!!!

910 days ago


He needs to man up and get a JOB!!!!

910 days ago


Halle will just as soon leave the country than pay him one dime; one reason she is pushing to move out of the country.....Sad situation all around for Nahla.

910 days ago

Dr Spock    

I believe that anyone who owes a million dollars to any lawyer (s) should either have been having to defend themselves for years or killed Abraham Lincoln. That is an outrageous amount of money for any legal situation. Everyone talks about celebrity justice. Thank God the lawyers here in OH charge $150/hr (and that can add up fast) or only celebrities can afford it (especially if someone else pays for it) Besides, short of being convicted, why should one arty have to pay for the other, it is a bilateral dispute. BS, lawyers are BS, yes Harvey, that means all lawyers who charge like thi8s.

910 days ago


This guy is a total BUM... Men these days are just as disgusting as these women laying around having kids for a financial come up... If he was any kind of a father he would be trying to make a way to support his child... Not using her like a golden goose to milk more money from her mother... LOSER!!!!

910 days ago


Eric Bennet had tried before!

910 days ago


Why shouldn't he b entitled to a comfortable payment of living support. These women do it all the time with the athletes & celebrities. I'm a Black Woman, and I agree with his request. She should have picked another baby daddy that would have just wanted to be the father of her child and not be a part of the child's life. Since she had her own agenda for her reasons for having a child with him, he should milk her insecure A)Z)Z!

910 days ago


I can't stand Halle Berry. Everyone has bad relationships from time to time. But anyone who is habitually in dysfunctional relationships, especially to her extent, needs to take a good look in the mirror.

However Aubry is trash and always has been. And I'm really not surprised by this at all. I don't like seeing anyone screwed over in terms of child support, man or woman. Aubry should MAN UP, get a real job before his looks run out, and stop trying to leech off his former woman. Seeing how his looks are pretty much the only thing he has in life going for him he better get a jump start on it.

910 days ago


What has this taught me not to reproduce with extremely gorgeous people they are all crazy..... halle is a nut who likes to always play victim in her failed relationshipss. Gabriel is a half arse model who was waiting for his sugar momma to come along even tbought he's a certified racist he had no problem impregnating a rich half black with money.... That poor chikd is going to have so many mental issues. She's going to become a racist always playing victim delequent if her messed up parents dont get their act together.

910 days ago


Why should she have to pay him to raise his own child? Halle has primary custody at this point. Gabriel should feel lucky she's not going after HIS ass for 20k a month. How does it cost 20k a month to take your kid on the weekends? Come on now. As for the "proper environment" thing, f_ck that too. He needs to be a man and support his damn self. If he wants a proper home for his child to visit, then he needs to get a f_cking job and provide that for her. He helped make the baby, why should Halle be the one footing the bill for everything?

910 days ago


Women do it 24/7, so why in the world does this shock all those who are so concerned about equality?? Please, explain to me, why all those who, we as women want to be so sensitive and caring have to go to the back of the bus when it comes to collecting. Please all this disingenuous BS from those who vilify this guys. We've basically cut the balls off of our males and now we want it both ways - f**king funny!!! Hilarious!!!

910 days ago


To the people saying if men have to pay those ridiculous amounts of child support then so should the women... WELL in the cases where the men have to pay that much, it's usually because the Mother has the child almost all of the time. This is not the case here.

910 days ago


I believe the stuff about the lawyers fees but not about the child support. TMZ is just stirring up the **** again.

910 days ago
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