Pregnant Man's Wife I'm BROKE and Homeless

4/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT

Pregnant Man's Wife -- I'm BROKE and Homeless


The Pregnant Man's estranged wife Nancy Beatie says her life has been HELL since getting kicked out of her house 2 months ago ... telling TMZ she's been forced to live like a vagabond -- selling scrap gold and sleeping in her car

We broke the story ... Nancy's husband -- transgender man Thomas Beatie -- recently filed for divorce, claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic. A judge then issued a restraining order against Nancy and limited her time with their 3 kids to just 6 hours per week.

Nancy now tells TMZ ... since being tossed from the house, she's been forced to mooch off friends and at times sleep in her car because she can't afford even the cheapest hotel.

"I'm house sitting right now, cleaning it for another two days ... but I don't know where I'll go after that."

Nancy says she's out of options ... and has resorted to pawning anything she can because she has no other way to make money.

"I have some junk gold that I grabbed when I had to leave ... broken rings and bracelets not worth much but it's a start."

Nancy says she vows to challenge the custody arrangement in the hopes of spending more time with her kids ... "When I have to leave them, I have to hold back tears."

The next hearing for the case is set for May 7 ... where a judge is expected to rule on child support, spousal support and custody.