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Halle Berry's Ex


In Child Support

5/3/2012 12:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
is asking the judge in his custody war with Halle Berry for a half a million bucks in attorney's fees, and $20,000 a month in child support, TMZ has learned.

Gabriel was in court this morning, expecting to argue his case for the huge increase in child support, but the case was continued because the paperwork wasn't filled out properly.  Gabriel was extremely upset the matter was put off.

Sources tell us ... Gabriel believes he's entitled to the money because he needs a proper environment to care for 4-year-old Nahla. 

As we first reported, Halle wants to move with the child to Paris, which would have a direct impact on Gabriel's request for additional support.


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Typical loser white male. When she was with David Justice and Eric Benet they didn't ask for a dime. This loser wants a woman to take care of him. Kevin Federline 2.0 but that's a white male for you.

866 days ago

cool disco dan    


866 days ago


He's crazy!

866 days ago

Patty Rathbun    

He only wants that money for himself he should be paying her child support. Get a job Gabiel.

866 days ago


It's so blatantly obvious that she is just trying to break him down into giving up. She wants Nahla all to herself ( I understand - I'm a single mom). However what she is doing is repulsive. She's got money rolling out of her wazoo and to use the $ tactic is grasping at straws. I don't care how much a woman detests the man that fathered her child... THAT CHILD DESERVES PEACE BETWEEN THEM. Believe it or not... HALLE is the one that is doing the most damage to her child. Sure hope the judge is smart enough to realize it.

866 days ago


Im so sorry to see this beautiful black woman getting pimped and played out of her hard earned cash that she worked 20 years as an actress recieving. I hope he doesn't get it.

865 days ago


Just for the record (book research) Gabriel Aubry is not the first White guy she's been with. She dated white guys in high school, dated a supposedly married Chicago dentist John Ronan1987-1989 (who later tried to sue her for $80K, case dismissed,etc) and Danny Wood from NKOTB 1989

Check Google for proof. TMZ isn't letting me do URLs.

David Justice did foot most of Halle's expenses until her career took off which included court costs, paying Playboy off not to print photos she had them take without his permission, paid off his credit cards that she racked up flirting with guys including Eric Davis and others buying them gifts etc. And also paid for one of her alleged abortions while they were married around The Flintstones was coming out. They cited they weren't ready for kids as well as rumored on her manager Vince's insistence.

David DID seek alimony in a counter divorce suit in GA and lost to Halle's CA claim.

Eric supposedly denied challenging the prenup by never asking for money or asking for a dime on Larry King and other sources, when there are alleged do***ents to the contrary and did the He Said/She Said or It's Duck Season/Rabbit Season dance with Halle.

Check the Smoking Gun (can't post the URL) and Google ffor info on her divorces with David and Eric . Also smoking gun used to have info on Ronan's case. Who knows maybe Aubry may be there too?

RE: St Gabe being a K-Fraud or keeping a flexible working schedule (he's been seen in several True Religion /other ads in 20011-2012 ) for Halle's court antics, who knows?

Yes, he has benefited on many levels through their association since 2006/2007. Is he calling her bluff? Like saying he'll sue if she stirs the **** again? Or he will take up the 6-fIgure (possible exaggeration) offers to spill the beans on Halle?

Who knows if TMZ is pro-Halle in spite of ***ella Harvey "I'm a Lawyer" Levin's queening out at stories of Gabe feeding Nahla pizza incessantly? One thing is for sure the sure as hell pulled their April article of Gabe being raked over the coals by Halle's alleged pitbull shyster lawyer and rerouted link to Aubry's psuedo celeb page awfully and a week or so later pulling the entire URL?

865 days ago


He doesn't love his daughter, all he wants is money. When they first broke up, he asked for $500,000 and a mansion. Since she wouldn't give it to him, he's now giving her a hard time because he's pissed. He nothing but a gold digger. So sad.

865 days ago

Sane Jane    

What a money grubbing a$$! Its people like this the world is so corrupt and devoid of good. That's a hateful act and they should not even give him any custody for that reason!! THE ONLY THNG THAT CHILD REALLY NEEDS IS LOVE! LOVE, Mr Aubry is the most important part of raising the child. That is the environment you should 1st & foremost be willing to put her in!!!!

865 days ago


it shd not get child support at all they have shared custody if he can not support her then go to work you broke sorry excuse for a man.halle berry shd have got a sperm doner

865 days ago


In all seriousness, if any of this is true and not just hype from Team Halle & Team TMZ ---Halle gets what she's paid for--she chose him good, bad or indifferent. I don't feel sorry for her, if he's a golddigger he's a golddigger. I can't believe she didn't have him sign some agreement etc. Not too smart is she?

865 days ago


I saw Gabriel and Nahla at a healthfood store here in LA. Nahla was being held by Gabriel and she had her arms wrapped around his neck so tight, it was like she was holding on to him for dear life. It is clear they have a bond. That is his child regardless of anything! How dare Halle think of moving out of the country in an attempt to severe their relationship. She has problems and she is making a bad decision in my eyes! If her daughter grows up with issues, Halle would be the creator of that! Poor Nahla.

864 days ago


I saw Gabriel Aubry and Nahla at a health food store in la recently. Nahla was in her dads arms and hanging onto him for dear life. They love one another, it was clear they have a bond. That is his seed! How dare Halle take her from her biological dad! I say..go for it Gabriel! Get all you can get!

864 days ago


Hell to the naw!! Let him get his ass a real job instead of modeling if he wants that child to have the same lifestyle that she has with her mother. She really got herself messed up this time dealing with that dude. That's why I say, be careful who you mix your gene pool with.

864 days ago


I too don't see why Halle is paying child support to him. There is more to this story than we know about. One thing for sure is that he doesn't work. If he was really thinking about his daughter he would get a steady paying job, but he hasn't done that. He would show the court that he is indeed serious about his love for his daugher. However, it appears it is more profitable for him to continue dragging Halle into court every time he comes up with a different approach.

The most puzzling part is that the courts ignores the fact that he doesn't work and awarded him child support. The courts doesn't appear to be reviewing this case on a logical basis. As long as the court agrees with him he will drain blood from her. Why should she support him??

Halle dropped him because he felt entitled and refused to work during their relelationship. If he is a model, it is probably his attitude that keeps him from working on a frequent basis.

He is treating her, as well as the judicial system very badly.

864 days ago
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