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Secret Service Hooker

I Could've Stolen Top Secret

Obama Information

5/4/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dania Londono Suarez just appeared on wRadio in Colombia
The Colombian prostitute behind the massive Secret Service scandal claims she had access to top secret government info during her tryst with an SS agent -- because he was passed out drunk.

24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez just appeared on wRadio in Colombia, claiming she even had access to the agent's wallet -- because he had fallen into a deep alcohol-induced slumber ... and left all his possessions completely unattended. Dania did not say if she actually rifled through his stuff.

Dania also didn't say if she actually had sex with the agent in question -- but admitted she did enough to warrant payment ... whatever that means.

And big surprise -- Dania said a lot more went down that fateful night in Cartagena, but she'll only divulge those secrets ... for a hefty price. She's already lawyered up with one of Colombia's best attorneys.

Good thing she wasn't a spy -- OR WAS SHE?!?!



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Mumra the Ever Living    

Her skankyness is overpowering.

902 days ago


every smart people know the elections are upon us and republicans set the guys up in colombia!!!!!!!!! im not affiliated to neither party but from what i can see republicans got in contac with the prostitute and the rest is history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

901 days ago


Those defending these men are really just embarassed that a Colombian call-girl would have the nerve to call these "mighty" SS American men careless idiots. She challenges the structures of (white) male privilege and I think this utterly infuriates many people--especially (white) men. I personally hope this story catches on and more details are made available. The corrupt nature of our system should be exposed.

901 days ago

Roberto perez    

All I want to know is? She had no problem with ice getting into this country that fast?

901 days ago


All I want to know is... Where are her eyes???

901 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

She does not seem nice.

901 days ago

kay sieverding    

One reason that prostitution is illegal in most places is that there is so much associated criminal activity such as blackmail.

I was hurt by former judge Edward "Naughty" Nottingham's involvement with strippers and prostitutes. The United States Marshals Service provided his security. Then Nottingham ordered that I be detained without a criminal charge. I don't have a criminal record. To facilitate that the USMS entered into their systems that I was charged with criminal contempt, a felony, and bail jumping.

When I complained to DOJ, there was a big coverup. I think this is because they want to coverup the USMS's role in guarding Judge Nottingham when he was involved with the Denver Players brothel. Major news organizations such as the Denver Post, ABC, CBS etc. have already publicly reported that Nottingham was listed as a customer of the escort service along with prominent people including many lawyers.

I put my do***ents on WordPress

899 days ago


You think these guys travel the world and JO? If she was paid no one would have heard a thing. Send her back home.

899 days ago


If only she knew the English language! Then she might know if she was looking at top secret info or his to do list.

899 days ago

James Stahle    

Don't judge. We're blessed with a pretty good standard of living here in the US. Not everyone is so lucky.

898 days ago

Reality sucks when u create it    

What is the difference between this woman and a kardashian, nothing

883 days ago
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