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Beyonce ... Award Winning


5/4/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


So, Beyonce writes a diary about her extended vacation ... now she's an award-winning journalist?! We're calling BS on the group that's giving her the hardware -- and you gotta see the debate this sets off in the newsroom.

Plus, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian's divorce lands in court -- and Kim is NOT going to like where this is heading. Also, Tiger Woods back in Vegas (bad idea?) ... and George Clooney's $12 MILLION gift to the Prez.

(0:00) The 911 call made by Junior Seau's girlfriend when she found his body was just released -- and it's heartbreaking.
(5:30) More sad news -- Beastie Boys legend MCA Adam Yauch died tragically today after complications with cancer.
(8:15) Kris Humphries is dragging out his divorce with Kim Kardashian because he loves the attention ... so says her high-powered lawyer Laura Wasser.
(10:30) George Clooney is about to make President Obama around $12 million ... does anyone have a problem with the POTUS' celebrity hobknobbing?
(15:37) "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison is getting a divorce ... is this the final proof needed for the show's relationship curse?
(18:45) We just can't look away from Tanning Mom no matter how hard we try -- especially when she rips Snooki apart ... or, as she calls her ... "Snoopy."
(21:00) Tiger Woods -- back partying in Vegas ... but being very careful about it this time around.
(25:52) Ted Nugent goes OFF on a reporter ... all to prove he's a real nice guy at heart. You gotta see this video.
(28:12) Beyonce is up for a JOURNALISM award -- so Harvey performs a dramatic reading about the ground-breaking article on ... eating pizza.
(31:05) A brand new pageant mom has emerged in the UK ... and she might be the worst of them all.
(35:25) Justin Timberlake regrets his NSYNC fashion days ... so we take a stroll down horrible outfit memory lane. (36:45) A North Carolina pastor unleashes a violent homophobic sermon ... the says it was totally taken out of context. Sure it was.
(40:01) The hooker that hooked up with a Secret Service agent says she could've stolen vital information. (41:47) We take your calls!

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864 days ago

Devon B    

To Emmett or how ever you spell it. What the hell are you talking about, The Tourist was a great movie and it should have got the awards it got. Beyonce is not a writer and to say how i feel, She is not a good actress. All it is Jay Z paid for it.

863 days ago


The award begs the question to many however of the extent to which the money and people worship that is going on in our community will continue, particularly in news and media circuits. At times it appears that it has reached such sad proportions that one must be careful to trust anything that is read anymore.

What about those who each day challenge their readers on such difficult issues as economic disparity, failing educational systems and crime epidemics in our community? One might venture to say that there is not much serious journalism being composed these days, in African American or any other media venue. If that is true, then they may as well acknowledge one of their own

863 days ago


Seriously, no one takes beYAWNcy serious...I mean really, she's known for stealing video concepts, plagurism, lying about carrying a baby, song writing credits so the list of accolades she's received over 10 years where bought by her father and then manager Matthew Knowles. If you look at this woman's career, it's basically a rip off of every artist dead or alive - there's nothing original about her accept that she had got to be the Fakest chic in the game. She's bascially stolen her entire career so it's no wonder someone on her team is working overtime to keep her relevant. If you look at her endorsements how does one dye a weave. Her team is the only group that puts out numbers of how much perfume she's sold, which in my estimation shows the lack of perfume sold. What's amazing is, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey, J-Lo, Britney and others have never put out numbers of how much cologne they've sold. beYAWNcy is desperate for attention and again, a writers award, I have to laugh she doesn't even have a high school diploma. beYAWNcy word of advice, until you start being "REAL" then people will take you seriously.

863 days ago

just sayin    

only thing I miss abt old tmz live? if u missed a piece u could watch it right away! I like the live slips lol boo cutting this n that. I realize it's necessary for tv, but give us internet nerds our piece!

862 days ago


Come on, if a singer can win a journalism award then I think a Journalist should win an American Music Awards, or Bet award, or Oscar for that matter. How ridiculous does the above idea sound. I understand this magazine wanting to honor Beyonce as a black woman but a Journalist? They have gone completely overboard with this one. Furthermore, I don't understand how Beyonce could have accepted this award knowing she does not deserve. Some people want all the attention!

861 days ago
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