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'BB Wives' Star Tami Roman

Don't Pull the Show ...

MILLIONS Will Suffer

5/7/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_tami-roman_getty"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman is begging a Texas court NOT to let a hairy legal battle stop her reality show from airing ... because, according to her, millions would suffer. 

TMZ broke the story ... Roman was sued in March by Crème de la Crème hair company for allegedly bailing on her endorsement duties and then promoting her OWN hair line instead. The company asked the court to stop VH1 from showing any segments where Tami promoted her line instead of theirs.

Now Roman is firing back ... claiming in court docs that she is the VICTIM because Crème didn't pay her on time, thus breaking any obligation she had to them or their hair extensions. 

Roman goes on to claim that prohibiting the show from airing would affect "millions of people" and the harm suffered by Crème de la Crème "pales in comparison."

Roman is asking the court to let the show air as is, along with ordering Crème to remove her name and likeness from any products and pay her court costs.

A judge has yet to rule on the case.


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VHI PLEASE PULL THIS SHOW! This show is such a disservice to the many educated, articulate black women who choose to be represented in a different light. TAMI ROMAN is as GHETTO as they come!! As far as I'm concerned she's still on food stamps with a higher cash allowance.She's is such a tackhead with absolutely NO CLASS! The anger management is not working and she is the worst version of a modern day,ghetto fabulous bully. I can't believe Shaunie endorses this show but I really believe the old saying " Birds of a feather flock together." I'm convinced that Shaunie is ONLY focused on dividends and not how people will portray us as African American women. The episode tonight really ticked me off that Tami would act like an 8th grader who absolutely has no friends. She and Evelyn think this behavior is cute but it's not!!!! I vow from tonight on to NOT watch this show ever again. Wake up people...and Tami take a minute to watch yourself on these episodes and then tell me how good you feel. There is no way on earth you can be proud of your behavior. I'm ashamed that you are a part of our race and even more ashamed that you consider yourself a lady. Think again honey. Kudos to you Keisha for remaining a young lady. The proof is in the pudding and obviously Mama Roman's pudding lacked one ingredient.....CLASS.SMH

863 days ago


She is a bully and now a schemer! PULL THE PLUG!

863 days ago


Tammi is a bully I wish they take her off the show. These grown ass women act like they
in highschool Tammi and Evelyn are st up bullies

863 days ago


I watched the show because of Tami...I thought she was real and found her comments very funny...however, maybe it was the liquor talking, but this week she was over the top obnoxious and rude and I would like to think if she watchs this episode, she will think so too....if this drama continues, the show will definitely lose fans...

863 days ago


If I was Jennifer I would do the same thing why fight. When we are trying so hard to keep our children out of trouble. Then adult women promote violence on TV. This is a shameful thing.I know there is money to be made , but how low do we go? Tammy, Evelyn,and Shawnee all need help. Shawie I was so proud of you then i realized you have to know.Jen did say somethings but she keeps her hands to her self.

863 days ago


I have childrens who behavior are better than the females on BW Tammy why are you going after Kesha who is new to the show?The girl dont seem to like trouble, and I think what is wrost is that Shawnee being the producer should do somthing about it other than laugh.I'm ashame of the way these grown women act.You all have childrens,but it clear they dont care. Tammy comes off as a big bully.Evelyn why get married ? You cant controll your temper.People lready see us black women as lesser,why prove them right. Gen might have said some things, but she isnt promoting violence on tv.

863 days ago

marie bryant    

tammy just cdhilol i lke u alot u make the show

863 days ago


Judge please take that psychotic show off the air. It's a disgrace to women of all races. All ex-basketball wives. Tami Roman doesn't need anger manager, she need to be in the psych ward. She is crazy, and to see grown women act the way they, I can see why they are all EX-basketball wives.

863 days ago


please tell tami, to stop kissing evelyn ass, i remeber whenshe first started, she wanted to sue elvelyn and wanted to beat her for ****ing her ex-.please tell her to stop tryin to be elvelyn like she claim everybody else is doing and suzie stop runnin back tellin everything that waht got you in trouble before. tami its hard to belive somebody rape you when you want to kick everybody ass on this show , go back and kick the guy or guy that **** uyour mind up

863 days ago


They need to get rid of Tammy she just big bully and just want to make her self look big bad , I say we join together to boycott tammy

863 days ago


Cancel it they make black and Latino women look baddddd!!!!!!!!

863 days ago

Paula E.    

These ladies should look at theirselves! they are setting poor examample for thier daughters. We are trying to stop bullying and now Tammi is doing it. They are a disgrace to all women not just african american. I know the could come up with something more entertaining to do for money!!!!

863 days ago


Tami is so pretty on the surface but underneath she is as ugly as a warthog. Both her and Evil-lyn need to be waterboarded.

863 days ago


Tami is so pretty on the surface but underneath she is as ugly as an warthog. Both her and Evil-lyn need to be waterboarded.

863 days ago


She is an absolutely HIDEOUS individual. I can't even call her a lady or a woman. The show she appears on, promotes bullying & violence and they all talk like gutter pigs. I feel sorry for their kids.

863 days ago
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