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Kris Jenner STABS Back

at Facelift Lawsuit

5/7/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Jenner is ADAMANT -- her facelift did not impede her credibility to market beauty products ... and has filed a countersuit against the cosmetic company who is trying to renege on their contract.

As TMZ previously reported ... mama Kardashian was sued by B&P cosmetics in 2011, after they claimed her facelift tarnished the reputation of their product "Beautiful Eyes in a Bag" -- for which Jenner was the celebrity spokeswoman.

KJ has fired back -- solidifying her previous claim that the facelift didn't affect her eyes, or her ability to endorse the product -- by filing a countersuit last month in Ohio.

In legal docs, Kris says she held up her end of the deal and alleges B&P is exploiting her well-publicized trip under the knife in order to squirm out of their contract.

According to docs, Jenner wants to keep the $305k advance B&P gave her and seeks compensatory damages and legal fees for the entire ordeal.

A judge has yet to rule.



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Kris Jenner is the one who directs her whole family, well except Bruce, he has to hear what is going on from the TV, KJ is the one who wants the fame, her daughters are her conduit to that fame. How awful, to have your mom be so embarrassing, fixated on fame and what makes her a spokesperson anyways? She did have a face lift, so it sounds like fraud, which is a recurring theme with this family

906 days ago


Do these people not see how awful the surgery makes them look? Her left nostril has totally collapsed, she looks like a Jackson now. Bruce somehow looks like a burn victim. I would not buy anything these shysters were hawking, because they have proven themselves to be liars, cheats and crooks.

906 days ago


She just wants to keep the money and get more!! That's what Kris Jenner is all about!! She's shallow, sneaky, and I gotta say, the facelift didn't work honey!!! No matter what you spend, you will never be a nice person...Amazing, no matter how much money you have, it can't buy class or a personality!!!

906 days ago

Who Knew    

Get out your check book you lying adulteress fraud..

906 days ago


there's no original equipment on that wh*re.

906 days ago


Sorry, but if a company hires you to promote a product they say will eliminate the need for surgery or a similar claim, then you go out and get plastic surgery on the area they say their products helps, you have adversely affected them.

906 days ago


Who cares about her. I want a new Kim Kardashian story soon. Make it quick and do it everyday.

906 days ago


Would never buy anything associated with the kartrashians. Worthless, and I can find better ways to spend my hard earned cash.

906 days ago


Guess these companies are finding out not to use the kardashians to endorse any of their products let alone advance them any money.

Funny how the kardashians always gets advancement up front and then pulls this kind of crap. They always make sure they get the money first then it's who cares try and get it back.

Notice how any reputable main stream company will not hire them to encorse products.

906 days ago


You mean "Beautiful Eyes FOR AN OLD HAG", don't you?

906 days ago


She needs to get her money back for that facelift. It's horrible. Looks very dimpled. What's with the chin?

906 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The only way she'll win this case is if the Judge overseeing this is in the Kardashian's pocket book via anonymous donations/political contributions.

906 days ago


Oh, never mind. E! paid for it. That's right nothing comes out of their pockets. A business expence.

906 days ago

juggalo 6    

I don't know, Kris still looks like a disgusting money hungry old hooker, if i were her I would want my money back for the failed facelift. As for the Cosmetic company, if you sign a contract with butt ugly, it will get nothing but butt ugly.

906 days ago


I will never purchase any product that this family endorses. First of all when you get a face lift it does exactly what it's called it lifts your face, eyes, etc so for her to say that it doesn't affect her eyes she's totally lying. . In fact, a facelift is designed primarily to benefit the sides and eye region of the face most of all.

As we all know very well that Kim endorses product that don't even work like fit in your jeans buy no days of the week. By just looking at her she looks like she only fits in in her favorite black spandex or her fake leather like stretchy spandex that she's forever wearing. As for the Quick Fake Trim that Kim and Klhoe are endorsing by just looking at them both even a blind person can see that they are not even using the product. First of all why not read what's in quick fake trim reports are that the supplements are said to be loaded with caffeine! Also there's no scientific evidence to back up Quickfake's Trim claims, and recent research suggests such cleansing products don't work and might even be harmful. Do some research stop using this crap.

906 days ago
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