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Beastie Boys

Hello, Nasty Lawsuit ...

Filed Day Before MCA Died

5/8/2012 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

In what may be the worst-timed lawsuit EVER ... a record label has accused the Beastie Boys of stealing its artist's music on 2 of their biggest albums ... and it filed the suit just hours before MCA passed away.

The case is actually pretty interesting ... TufAmerica claims MCA, Mike D and Ad-Rock ripped off the '80s band Trouble Funk ... and illegally sampled their music on multiple songs featured on the albums "Licensed to Ill" and "Paul's Boutique."

In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in NY on May 3, TufAmerica claims the Beastie's sampled a famous drum beat from the Trouble Funk hit "Drop the Bomb" on the 1986 hit "The New Style."

TufAmerica also claims the Beatie's stole riffs from the song on "Car Thief" and "Hold It Now Hit It" ... and also ripped off the Trouble Funk track "Say What" on the song "Shadrack."

So why sue now? TufAmerica claims the Beasties have been re-releasing and distributing the tracks ... and are not paying for the rights to sample Trouble Funk.

In fact, TufAmerica claims it has "never received royalties or payment" for any of the songs ... ever.

So far, no comment from the Beastie Boys ... probably because they have more important matters to tend to at the moment.


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Dan L.    

**** that. Similar intro but they've got nothing. Give me a break.

900 days ago


It's really strange they wait 20+ years after release of music to file a lawsuit. Seems suspect to me. If they had a legitimate claim I think they'd have done it back when the beastie boy albums were released.

900 days ago


Trouble Funk is a local go-go band from Washington DC. there have been many artist who have "borrowed" the go-go sound and beat for their music not only from Trouble Funk but from several of DC's local bands, If i make no mistake Jay-Z did a sample in his song "Do it Again. They have been doing it for years!

900 days ago


Trouble Funk should pay us. I song is so freaking annoying. Drop the track Drop the track.

900 days ago

BB not bb    

At what point do these songs sound similar? I listened to the beginning of both and they were in the same style but ccompletely different songs.

Did they buy the same drum track or something? I dont' even hear it. I recognize alot of samples in Beastie Boys songs but nothing fromt this other song.

900 days ago


Think about it: Stand in the place where you live by REM, La Bamba and Twist and Shout all have the same beat. So does twinkle twinkle little star and the ABC song. I'm sure I could think of more examples. :)

900 days ago

Delaware D    

RIP MCA.....BUT if they stole that music, then the the band deserves to be sued.

"they have more important matters to tend to at the moment." c'mon, TMZ, this is business.

(again, RIP MCA)

900 days ago


This is SO ridiculous. Many artists and musicians have SIMILAR sounds, "borrow" riffs... and nobody complains. These guys, TufAmerica, are probably broke and are doing this because they need money. Why else would they have let 20 years go by without protesting till NOW??!!

900 days ago


you have got to be ****ing ****ting me. the only thing that is similar is the fast drum at the start of the song. rythm is different, beat is different. someone is feeding somebody a line of ****. and eating it up. if u think they sound the same. shoot urself in the foot.

900 days ago


I love that these lawsuits are never filed when a song is first released. It is always filed after a song has become a big success. Or why didn't they file the lawsuit after the law was passed that would allow them to file the lawsuit?

Just a couple of Paris Hiltons.

900 days ago


Guess someone needs statute of limitation explained to them.

900 days ago


What most people don't know is the Beastie's and Trouble Funk have history.They were both on Def Jam at one time. In the Beastie Boy's Anthology booklet, they actually mention going to D.C. and playing shows with Trouble Funk back in the day. Trouble Funk is just broke and should be ashamed for pulling this stunt!!

899 days ago


What's sad is Trouble **** and The Beastie Boys have history together that goes waay back.

899 days ago


Than P. Diddy should be in jail 3 times over then.

899 days ago

Neumatic Impact    

"Hold it now" flip to the past pages,
I want to side with my Boy's but here's the situation, The Beastie Boys successfully sued British Airways for $40,000. because they used a portion of 'Beastie Revolution' in a TV advertisement .This money was then used to rent an apartment at 59 Chrystie Street in Chinatown, New York City. This apartment was not only used as a place to live, but also as a place for the group to rehearse and record. While living there, they honed their skills and transitioned from punk rock to hip hop. The apartment was remembered in "59 Chrystie Street", a song on 1989's Paul's Boutique LP. Hypothetically, If the Beastie Boys sampled Thought Process or my solo stuff, I don't know if I'd sue them. I'd sure tour with them as a form of payment! I've always rocked the Beastie Boys ever since the punk days. I got cooky puss and pollywog stew on cassette.

MCA forever, Beastie Boys Forever!

895 days ago
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