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MJ Bodyguard

Claims Singer Ordered

Hit on Randy Jackson

5/8/2012 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Michael Jackson's former bodyguard claims the singer was a paranoid maniac ... who ordered members of his inner circle to kill his younger brother Randy ... this according to The Sun.

In the interview with The Sun ... ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims, "Michael was caught in a war with his brothers for years, They were desperate to sign him up to a $500 million deal for a Jackson 5 reunion tour."

Fiddes -- a martial arts expert who worked with MJ in the UK and in the US -- explained, "Things reached a head when Randy was trying to force his way past the bodyguards to speak to him in one of his rented homes. Michael ordered him to be shot."

Of course, no one shot Randy ... but Fiddes says, "Randy was so scared he got on the phone and threatened to call the Press. He told the bodyguards, 'If you shoot me the whole world will know about it.'"

Fiddes continued, "[Michael] was out of mind on drugs and luckily Randy was OK."

Fiddes has been dishing MJ dirt to The Sun for a while now ... just last week he claimed the singer despised Madonna and poked holes in a Voodoo doll of Steven Spielberg after MJ became a Nazi sympathizer.

None of Fiddes' accusations have been corroborated.

We reached out to the MJ Estate for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Is everyone who was close to Michael Jackson STILL making money on him now? I don't doubt for a second that his "brothers" were trying to get him into a Jackson 5 tour. Jermaine especially is a bottom feeder and will try to make money off his brother until the day he (Jermaine) dies. When they did the TuPac thing I KNEW the Jacksons would try to do the same with Michael. Hopefully Katherine will put a stop to that idea. Maybe she'll let them so they won't go to her for money anymore. Since Joseph was run out of Vegas he'll probably be on ther door steps soon!

835 days ago



835 days ago


Wrong Randy Jackson in the picture!!! That's the American Idol Randy Jackson... That's so funny that TMZ doesn't know the difference.

835 days ago


About all Michael would have ordered for Randy is a bucket of chicken and a hit record!!! Damn! Stop with the stupid stories!

835 days ago


Stop with all of these lies! When Michael was alive, there were many false rumors. Even after his death, there are more rumors. Let him rest in peace.

835 days ago


This story is lame and pathetic and I almost can't believe you posted it TMZ...almost. I hope Fiddes gets the mental help he needs so he shuts the hell up already.

835 days ago


There is something that isn't right about his story...MJ's bodyguard claims that Michael wanted his brother Randy shot and claimed that Randy was Michael's older brother, well this is where that story goes off track and is so dead wrong is that Randy is Michael's younger brother...because Micheal was born in 1958 and Randy was born in 1962. This whole story is a downright lie and I still don't believe any of it.

835 days ago


What a pack of lies! If Michael didn't order a hit on Don Sneddon, certainly he would not order one on his own brother.

835 days ago


What's with the lies! Michael clearly wasn't at peace on Earth because of these false rumors & the media. And now, he can't even rest in peace because the lies unfortunately continue.

835 days ago


Bullsh*t. He can keep coming up with stories as long as Michael cannot defend himself. This man just wants attention and TMZ is giving it to him. Hmmm, maybe I should make up a story and become famous.

835 days ago


I believe it cuz mike seemed like a really PARANOID guy

835 days ago


Nothing but a liar.

835 days ago


Read about Matt Fiddes here:

Matt Fiddes has been caught lying before, he has absolutely no credibility. He has talked about Michael in various interviews, problem is that he apparently doesn't remember what he has said before, and tells very different versions of his fabricated stories. Or maybe he's changing them in order to sell new, "exclusive" interviews. He's doing this for the money, to get his 15 minutes of fame, and to boost his business.

Fiddes used to be a loser who turned to martial arts because he was bullied. He now owns an international martial arts franchise and brand. To have "known" Michael Jackson is good for business. Fiddes didn't know MJ as well as he'd like us to believe. He worked as MJ’s "unofficial bodyguard" (holding his umbrella) at Uri Geller's (also a "friend" who used Michael in his own interests) request during a few of his visits to the UK in 2001 and 2002. Katherine Jackson said Michael couldn't even remember who Fiddes was, and that he had used his association with Michael to sell stories to tabloids, and also that Fiddes had made a written threat, saying that if they gave evidence against him, then we would regret it.

835 days ago


what a piece of dodo..I hope MJ comes and haunts you for the rest of you miserable life..

835 days ago


Honestly, this doesn't seem to far-fitched to me. Especially the way Latoya described him as being so paronoid and saying that MJ told her, "THEY ARE GOING TO KILL ME!" Apparently he was fearing for his life... (in his illuminatic mind) If he didn't sign on for the tour, I don't think not one person would go and all of the lessor known Jacksons would see as much money as they need to see right now. Anything is possible, even threatining your brother to sign a contract he doesn't want to or making a hit out on somebody. Hard to prove with no evidence either way though.

835 days ago
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