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Breastfeeding Org.

We LOVE Time Mag Cover,

Except ...

5/10/2012 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Time magazine cover with breastfeeding
The 3-year-old kid suckling from his mother's teet on the cover of Time Magazine is NOT too old to breastfeed ... so says a powerful breastfeeding organization -- but they do have one gripe.

TMZ spoke with Bettina Forbes -- co-founder of Best for Babes -- an advocacy group dedicated to educating moms about breastfeeding.

Forbes tells us, "We understand that Americans are uncomfortable with [the Time cover], but in cultures where babies wean themselves normally, usually somewhere around age 3 or 4, it is perfectly acceptable."

She adds, "Think of it this way -- some cultures have been drinking green tea for millennia, only recently has it become popular in the United States once the health benefits were understood and it was popularized by marketing ... breastfeeding is the same, it is accepted and valued in many cultures, but not yet fully in the U.S."

As for the gripe -- Forbes says her first choice would have been Jennifer Garner in the role of breastfeeder ... but "we're happy with anything that is an appealing image, provokes conversation, and ultimately desensitizes people to breastfeeding."


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I am a mother of two who breast fed both my children. I am very pro breast feeding, but this is taking a wonderful experience to the extreme. I have heard of women breast feeding her child until 4-5 as a method of birth control. The psychological affects of the child could be devastating.

859 days ago

Madam Obvious    

If they are old enough to be able to ask for the teat, they are too old to be breastfed. Offensive photo, really awful.

859 days ago


Breast milk is good for the child. It helps with the immune system, bonding with the mother on the childs side and weight lose and numerous other things for the mother.....BUT once a child can chew that be a sign to stop. Is this boy going to open up his lunch box at school and pull out that bottle of breast milk to wash down his pb&j? I was just wondering if Time would have put a mother that was not in such good shape on the cover??? Its all about sales nothing more!

859 days ago


Disgusting ,outrageous I am in my 60's and to me the photo is appalling ,how in America society accept this kind of behaviour,this kid looks like a 8 year old kid.......he is going to be smeered for the rest of his miserable life!

859 days ago

hung and dashing    

Yeah. Right. As if Jennifer Garner would pose for such a ridiculous, crass and tasteless cover photo. Its thisside of stupid, in fact (the cover) simply created in a feeble attempt for TIME to sell magazines besides the likes of Playboy and Maxim (etc). I guess TIE has been forced to switch from endless exploitation covers of JESUS to suckling madonnas now. And if any mother breastfeeds her kids in this pose and with such a demeanor, we ought not be amazed that such moms are the school teachers f'ing their entire class of 5th grade boys either. In other cultures they don't have access to FRESH WATER. Does the breastfeeding til kindergarten advocates ever acknowledge that piece of the puzzle? If a kid in a 1st world country can eat OREOs after preschool. s/he can also eat them with milk out the carton.

859 days ago


This is wrong. 3 or 4 years old is too freaking old to breastfeed period. The poor kid in this picture looks uncomfortable, forced, and downright miserable.

859 days ago


Wow.. This is disturbing. I think breastfeeding after the age of 2 is just wrong..

859 days ago


The kid looks older than 4. I'm much older and would love to be in his situation, not on the cover of Time though.

859 days ago

Mason H    

Bettina Forbes wanted Jennifer Garner to be the breast feeding cover girl? Is she trying to sexualize breast feeding? I guess that's one way to go about saying "hey it's ok to breast feed my 7 year old son, cuz he thinks I'm hot", but I think that just might be the wrong message to send to people who already think it's creepy. I'm just sayin'.

859 days ago


theres a time and place for everything..and im sorry but public is not the place for something so intimate..and i say intimate, because it IS an intimate bonding moment between child and mom, not child, mom and public because the mom has her own agenda..yes i agree you can breastfeed in public, but with a blanket or towel shielding the activity..grow up and have some respect for those around, the world does NOT revolve around you MOMS

859 days ago


I bet the pedophiles are having a great day watching this kid porno! Only in America! She did'nt looks like she is feeding a "baby" for sure he is not a baby ,it looks like she is really enjoyng it!

859 days ago

Flying Blind    

let's go kid, keep the line moving ...............

859 days ago


Oh ick....ick, ick, ick. Forget the health benefits, the brain retaining solid memories have started. Isn't that going to :bleep: up their minds when it comes to sex when they are an adult?

I mean people are gonna consider a guy creepy if he just stares at a womans chest like it is a steak whenever he gets hungry, lol.

859 days ago


That is not a 3 yr old boy!!! He is more like 5-6. That's why it's distrubing.

859 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

That kid is way too big to be breast feeding.

859 days ago
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