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Clooney's House

Under MEGA-Lockdown

For Obama Event

5/10/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney
's L.A. home is getting the Fort Knox treatment for his big Obama fundraiser tonight -- because TMZ has learned, security's so tight ... even the back-up has back-up.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the U.S. Secret Service will be getting help from the LAPD as well the California Highway Patrol to keep POTUS safe at the event.

We're told the LAPD is even planning to bring in its special Counter Terrorist Unit -- Jack Bauer style.

But that's not enough for Mr. Clooney -- who we're told has taken things a step further ... hiring a special security team to oversee his own personal safety.

As for specific security measures being taken for the event -- we're told roads will be closed off, bomb-sniffing dogs will be prowling, and plain clothes officers will be on the lookout.

Oh yeah, there's also "air support" -- whatever that means.

As we reported, the party's gonna be awesome -- Wolfgang Puck himself will be catering the $40,000-a-plate affair ... and 150 bigwigs are expected to be in attendance.

Bottom line -- crash another party.


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In Depth News    

RECORD Setting Leftist Fund Raiser raises possible $14,000,000 Million dollars ,which will most likely involved Political Favors or Funding to left wing Companies , Organizations, or various people.

"" There are Many (analysts, researchers,etc.) that say the Historic Nature of this President was Exploited by the Leftist Democrats to Pass the 1st ever National Health and Financial Bills, Consolidating Power , Allocations of Finance to Leftist companies/Bank/Media, Etc, because the Democrats before them (Bill Clinton to (even) Democrat Woodrow Wilson 1912-) could Not get that done.

It appears that Hollywood and Many Media Outlets are firmly Collective to the DNC party line and to achieve More Hollywood/Media Freedom there needs to be a Alternative Hollywood/Media that would accept all opinions for the Individual good (gun rights, gay rights, individual rights, creative rights, non political rights, etc.). ""

860 days ago


remember folks- obama and looney clooney really care about the poor and middle class. after all, they are having a 40 thousand dollar a plate meet and greet.
this will be a collection of mega-douchebaggery.

860 days ago


I certainly hope the tax payers aren't paying for all this security, when it could have been held in a place that's built for occassions like this. At 40k per plate, I wonder how much is going towards this security, and where the rest will go???

860 days ago


I hope Kim Kardashian is invited. That would be a huge oversite if they didn't.

860 days ago


OBAMA 2012 or you can vote for greedy Etch A Sketch Romney who does not care about the very poor but instead defends corporations and stashes his ill gotten money in Swiss Banks

860 days ago


Clooney, i just lost all respect for you if your in support of putting that moron back in the white house for another four years! he is just ruining this fine country and i wish he would leave.

860 days ago


40,000.00 a plate. Alot of people in American don't make that much in a year. How many homeless people would that feed. Shameful George and the rest we pay it.

860 days ago


is it going to be televised?!
is lindsay and kim going to be there??

860 days ago


This will be the commie party of the year. Bunch of Hollywood loons and anincompetant Pres. who should have never been elected in the first place.

860 days ago


watch out george , him being black he will probally try to steal something

860 days ago


Major Lockdown ? not much difference than what he's done to America.
Had enough yet ?

860 days ago


I wonder what these hollywood stars are going to think after Obama completes the implementing of UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21? We will then be part of a communist one world gov. You won't heare about it on the news or from politicians, need to research agenda 21, we will surely have a dictator then & this is what Clooney is against. Wake up everyone!!

860 days ago


Are those $40.000 plates dishwasher safe? Clooney will go to great lengths and expense to deny he has anything to do with the obvious.

860 days ago


Please help my family!!! This is to help my disabled mom!! We live in New Hampshire and with as many votes possible, this will help her get the help she needs to live! Use promo code 989!!!

860 days ago


Obama only cares about himself just like George Clooney. Fundraiser??? HA!!! All the money will go to Michelle so she can go on a mega-shopping spree. What a waste. If ANYONE there truly cared about the poor, then they would donate that 40,000 to some reputable charities that could use that money to help others. You all are just a bunch a selfish, self-centered people who don't appreciate what you've been given. I would rather be struggling to pay bills (which I am) and hold my head up high than to be alone, which all of you are. None of you care about the working class or the unemployed. Disgusting.

860 days ago
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