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John Travolta

Costume Designer Says

Masseur's Claim is Bogus

5/10/2012 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A costume designer who shot the photos of John Travolta at a New York hotel says there is no way in hell Travolta met up with a masseur in L.A.. the same day.

Denise Wingate, who worked as the costume designer for Travolta's movie, "Killing Season," tells TMZ she was in the actor's New York suite at The Greenwich Hotel for most of the afternoon on January 16 -- the day a masseur claims Travolta sexually accosted him at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Wingate says she took a bunch of pictures -- including the ones TMZ posted -- during the session that lasted around 3 1/2 hours.  She also says 4 other people were in the room with Travolta and herself.

Wingate, who also fitted Robert De Niro at the hotel the same day, says Travolta was at the hotel almost the entire day, running his lines for the movie.

As we reported, we also obtained the flight plan which shows Travolta flew out of L.A. the evening of January 15 and landed in New York in the early hours of the 16th.

Wingate says any notion that Travolta was in Beverly Hills on the 16th "is absolutely absurd."


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896 days ago

BB in CA    

It's pathetic that anyone can say anything about you and you have to prove they are lying.

896 days ago


that lawyer better run for the hills - scientolgy peeps are going to destroy his entire life, and you know they can do it - they are big on revenge

896 days ago

Quinn Stone    

I find it odd that everyone from Travolta's camp is denying the story but no one is saying Travolta is not gay.

896 days ago


TMZ, you're full of it. Someone's plane flying doesn't mean they were on it. Also, this:

896 days ago


She got PAID!

896 days ago

Ozzie X    

I don't know why Travolta's camp is trying to discount these claims to the public. If anyone needs the proof it's the judge. Methinks thou protesteth too much.

896 days ago


And so Travolta gets a "happy ending" after all

896 days ago


Looks like the cards are stacking up in Johnny's favor. This masseur and his attorney better have some very convincing evidence at this point.

896 days ago


This time the powerful gay lobby that demands forced coming-out using the violence of defamation by the gossip will return to his hole...don't believe in everything you read, especially without evidence.

896 days ago


John Gayvolta.

896 days ago


Oh please! It is a well known fact that Travolta is a closeted gay man. He loves black men. They can deny this all they want to. Next up...Will Smith!

896 days ago


I guess the crooked attorney and his shakedown artist clients will now have to dig up a massuer in NYC to try to see some cash from their not-well-thought-out extortion plot.

896 days ago


They really think we're dumb, don't they. The sequence of events: allegations surface; they say they have proof, the proof they have is clearly doctored B.S. And everytime they put a new piece of evidence out, "people suggest something that 'might' work, and then JT's camp tries to produce said "evidence" to match the latest call for proof. In other words, clearly this costume designer could have been easily paid or just agreed to lie to protect Travolta. Total hearsay. Again, the pics are clearly photoshoped.

896 days ago


It's been rumored for years that JT's gay. What's the big deal? And I find it hard to believe that he would actually go down to the hotel's management and demand a guy return to his room, after an incident like that occurred. If for no other reason than privacy issues. And for reals, most gay men that I know aren't into forcing a straight guy into sex.

Not that I doubt JT is gay, or that he gets happy ending massages from guys. I just think that some of them are looking to get big time paid, and probably some of them did have massage sexy times with him that they can prove the time and date. This isn't gonna be good for John, I have a feeling. But I totally think the first guy is a big fat liar. And you remember the domino effect that happened when Tiger got busted right?? Look out, I think the flood gates are opening.

Pass the popcorn.....

896 days ago
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