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Whitney Houston's Mom

Reality Show Could Launch

Bobbi Kristina's Career

5/12/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's mother is telling friends ... she fully supports the idea of a family reality show because she believes the exposure will be GREAT for Bobbi Kristina's singing career.

As we previously reported, the family just inked a TV deal with Lifetime to star in a reality show that will follow Whitney's relatives in the wake of the singer's untimely death.

Houston family sources tell TMZ ... Cissy Houston knows BK shares Whitney's passion for music ... and she believes a reality show could be the perfect place to showcase Bobbi's talent.

We're told ... Cissy also believes a reality show will "help with the healing process" by "keeping the family as one."

Cissy also likes the fact that her "extended family" will be making money from the deal.

But don't expect Kardashian-style antics on the Houston show -- producers are suggesting it will have a more serious tone ... at least for now.


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Yeah because "Being Bobby Brown" was such Oscar worthy material, the spinoff should garner Critical Acclaim.

791 days ago


This is just SAD... she CAN'T sing... she doesn't even know the WORDS to the song... just b/c her mother COULD (way back in the day) shouldn't mean that it is automatically assumed BK can... I thought WH "Momma" was a smart woman? Makes you wonder though if there wasn't enough $$$ to "go around"... since she wants the "rest of the family" to make some cash in the realtity show...

791 days ago


you know the only reason any one will watch is to see if bobbi od's on camera

791 days ago


Damn I was honestly expecting her to be better than that.. If this girl gets a music career it's going to be because of who her momma was. I think the whole reality thing really cheapens Whitney's memory. Good luck to them though.

791 days ago


BK, if you are serious, get some professional training: voice lessons, stage presence, music lessons, etc...; otherwise, you are just another kid who wants to sing. That's what you sound like now.

791 days ago


rehab will help!

791 days ago


the only thing shell ever be known for is being the junkie daughter born from a famous junkie couple.shes an ugly gap tooth junkie dog who couldnt sell a cd.she should just stick to smoking crack,porking her brother and live happily on her inheritance.

791 days ago

terrell m    

what the hell is wrong with this woman.. dont she know that once you get caught up in the reality tv appeal thats all she'll be known for.. i mean honestly.. how many people do you see that start out there on screen careers doing commercials end up in movies.. same thing with reality t.v

791 days ago


Oh of course, 'no Kardashian' antics because the Houstons are soooo much better, good Christian, judgmental, using, abusing 'good' family. What a joke and poor BK. This family will squeeze this poor girl through the presses just like they did Whitney. Bunch of greedy leeches! BK doesn't stand a chance... and they said it was BB who would take advantage of her, use her for her money.. HA! As her father he probably cares more for her than this whore mill of a family.

791 days ago


She sounds exactly like every other teenaged girl singing their favorite song in front of the mirror in their bedroom. If you didn't know this was WH's daughter, she would be dismissed as completely mediocre.
Cissy is right. The "extended family" of parasites need a new meal ticket. Don't know how much of a gravy train is going to result from this sad kid. Depressing all the way around.

791 days ago


Yeah that's just what that family needs, another member to become famous and then torn apart by drug use. She's going to follow in her moms footsteps

791 days ago


Obviously, BK got her father's singing talent. The only thing that would launch a singing career for this young woman is a vocal cord transplant. Maybe it's time for the "extended family members" to realize the cash cow died, continuing to milk it will only give sour milk. Get a life and a job of your own and stop trying to live on the fact that you were related by an accident of birth to a talented but drug-addicted woman who died as a result of her addiction. A "reality" show? Really? So who will be the drug addict on it? Bad idea, bad taste, just plain BAD -- and not the good "bad".

791 days ago


Nobody wants to see this family of losers on tv

791 days ago


wait a minute...
does this mean that Whitney was probably the one supporting all of them
and now that she's gone they will find anotther way to cash in
beginning to wonder if they are a bit like the Jackson family - all leaching off the one with the most talent/money??
and BK doesn't need a reality show to showcase her talent
she's Whitney Houston's daughter for cryin' out loud!
you know that any record company in the world would be willing to hear a demo from her today and if she were any good they'd immediately put up money to sign her/find the right songs for her vocal range/produce her/ organize a tour/get her on TV etc.
I do not believe the reason for the show is BK
I believe it is for CA$H
and to try to ride whatever notariety/red carpets/ posh parties or publicity comes from being Whitney's relatives
sad to say
that's what I see.....

791 days ago


It worked wonders for Whiney's career, right?

791 days ago
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