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Demi Lovato

Signs On

To Judge 'X Factor'

5/13/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0423_demi_lavato_drug_useDemi Lovato has officially signed her deal and will be a judge on the next season of "The X Factor" ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, Demi will be in NYC tomorrow for the FOX Upfronts to announce her joining the show. 

Demi is scheduled to tour this summer, but our sources say her "X Factor" schedule shouldn't interfere with her touring.

Lovato should have company tomorrow ... as TMZ previously reported, our sources say Britney Spears will be in NYC to announce she's joining the show as well.



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How old is this Lovato child anyway? And shouldn't someone have to be in the business, and have some wisdom to offer? If only because of her age, she is not qualified to judge anyone. This is a very stupid move Simon, I'm disappointed in your choice.

869 days ago


why dont they pick more exsperienced older singers instead of icking these to air heads that are ditzes like paula and nicole why would they pick these to with no exsperience or talent simon i hope your show sinks picking brittany and demi is a big mistake

869 days ago


A couple of years ago I just thought Demi was just another Disney actress that would never make it.Around a year and a half ago she checked into rehab and I'm going to be honest at the time I didn't really care but instead of judging her like everyone does I decided to look up in her past and if it was me in the situation she was in I doubt I would be alive.She was bullied,had an eating disorder,self-harmed and suffered from depression as many teenagers do but every time people mention her stay in rehab you only hear one word and that word is drugs.Believe it or not there are millions upon millions of people in the world that have or have known someone to cave into the pressure of taking drugs and in Demi lovatos case I can see why she took them and I have sympathy for her.I also decided to listen to songs of hers and they're are real and emotional songs which unfortunately there aren't enough of anymore and now all you hear about in songs are references to women and stuff.Altough people probably won't but I recommend to listen to 1 song in particular from her,believe in me.This song was out before she went into treatment and you can almost hear it as a cry out for help.I am now a fan of Demis as I decided to learn about her rather than judge her which I can't say for a lot of you here..The week after the release of skyscraper suicide dropped dramitaclly and I don't think that's a coincidence.At the end of the day I'm just saying don't judge her unless you know more about her as you're just being judgemental.Thanks for reading this if you did,sorry it was so long but some people get on my nerves and I thought I should voice my opinion

869 days ago


All I know about this chick is she's a has-been, manufactured Disney star who has since faded. Other than cutting herself and going to rehab, I couldn't tell you the first thing about her or her music/acting? At least I knew who Paula and Nicole were.

869 days ago


What this girl could actually bring to X-Factor....NOTHING since she has NO EXPERIENCE doing anything in life except self-multilation and worring that someone told Mommy what she is up to!

869 days ago


What has happened to Simon's taste in music. Does he want more of these weak high pitched electronically enhanced cutey pie singers? Don't we have enough, do they really qualify to judge singing? The answer is no, Simon.

869 days ago


So, the persons who made a mistake in the past are not able to overcome? She is so inspiring... She also has an amazing voice!!! Talking without knowing is a big problem of the society. With her problems, she helped thousand people with the same problem. I don't have doubts that she will do an excelent job!!!

869 days ago


"We live in the most Fd up time in the history of the world" talking without really knowing is a big problem of the society too... She is a big example of overcoming, and she also has an amazing voice!!! Demi deserves it, and more also... I believe in her, I know that she will do an excelent job!!

869 days ago

Big D    

This is a bad choice. This girl has problems, wasn't she just in rehab? Plus she is too young to know that much anyway. Her and Britney will both be fired after season 2. Fergie would of been a much better choice, than Britney or Demi.

869 days ago


back off haters, Demi is a sweetheart ! had her over last thanksgiving and i'm here to tell you, bitch could carve the DARK MEAT..... she was truly one with that knife.

869 days ago

Two Mentally unstable recovering star being a Judge. WOW I CAN'T WAIT....

869 days ago


It's all for the ratings. Simon knows what he's doing. These 2 young ladies know what's happening in the music biz. They have a huge, loyal fan base and will attract a younger viewing audience. Demi is a talented vocalist and Britney is a very good performer. Simon's got this all figured out. That's why he is where he is and we are where we making

869 days ago


I predict Demi will die of an overdose within the next five years. Too bad her handlers are more concerned with making money off her than getting her some much-needed help.

869 days ago


Britney seems to be more of a puppet these days than an actual performer. I miss the old Britney.

869 days ago

Bob Fletcher    

Not sure how I feel about this..... well I guess well find out !

868 days ago
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