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'50 Shades of Grey' Publisher

Library Bans Are


5/14/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The publisher behind the steamy New York Times bestseller "50 Shades of Grey" is coming out swinging against libraries that have banned the book -- claiming the censorship violates readers' First Amendment rights.

A rep for Random House tells TMZ, the publishing house "fervently opposes literary censorship and supports the First Amendment rights of readers to make their own reading choices."

The book, in case you don't know, is about a man and his sex slave in Seattle -- hooray! -- and libraries in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Florida have already banned it due to its racy content.

But sexually deviant or not, the book is still a book -- at least according to the rep at Random House, who says, "We believe the Brevard County Public Library System [in Florida] is indulging in an act of censorship, and essentially is saying to library patrons: we will judge what you can read."

The rep adds, "These events resonate as unfortunately considered decisions, especially as the actions withdraw from circulation a book with one of the highest demand curves in recent history."

JUST GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!! (softcore erotica)


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BB not bb    

Libraries do ban certain types of books and media. You won't find pornography or dirty movies there. If you add a little drama to what is essentially dangerous and dirty, does that suddenly make it libaray worthy, espeically in conservative Christian type areas?

I am with the libraries on this. They don't have to buy books that don't reflect what their patrons would like to read. You won't find the original Anarchist's Cookbook in most libraries either. Some books are too violent, too politically deviant, or too sexually filthy to be soemthing that you would find in a local library.

This book might be trying to mainstream sex slavery through an erotic theme. That would not be something that libraries want to push. They must feel that its literary and cultural value does not outweigh its evil and perverted theme.

If Random House wants to venture into erotic and gruesome literature, that is on them, but they can't expect every library in America to want to read it. That is freedom of choice and association for the librarians.

894 days ago


I think the taxpayers should decide what books they buy for their own libraries. The Constitution may give you the right to read the book, but not necessarily for free.

894 days ago


so by the authors logic hustler should be allowed in libraries as well

894 days ago


I bet they didn't ban the ZANE books. I don't understand the big deal. I've read several ZANE books and they are just as dirty if not more dirty than the 50 Shades...

894 days ago


These libraries could, instead of banning the book, have it available "over the counter". That's what my local library did with Madonna's book "Sex".

894 days ago


Our priorities are all backwards in America. Let's not talk about, read or discuss sexuality but let's crap UFC down our own throats via Fox primetime. Or how about we all read the gory blood filled rages of terrorists instead????? I am a non-gay female and I would much rather read or talk about boobs and butt all day than watch read or discuss guns, blood and gore.

894 days ago


Actually the book is about the fact that she isn't his sex slave. It's an amazing series and I cannot imagine it being banned. That is just absurd, it's about so much more than sex even though the sex is HOT!

894 days ago

Fiona Thomas    

I work for Pink Flamingo Publications, an erotic novel publisher that has been around for almost 20 years. Not only do libraries ban erotic books, whether they're softcore or hardcore, but the major credit card companies have also been going after our genre of books. Last summer, we were given harsh restrictions on the content we could have on our website. While I don't know how many erotic novels Random House has published, we have been discriminated against for years. I think it's wonderful that they're upset about this, but I doubt things are going to change.

894 days ago


Wasn't there a court battle over watching porn in libraries and the result was if the library receives federal money they have to allow someone to view it? Would be same with book.

894 days ago


I purchased all three books.
I love all three books.
Libraries love to tell people what to read and what not to read.
I burned my library card years ago!

894 days ago


TMZ- how about reading the book before you write this?? The book is not about a sex slave, She actually doesn't agree to be is "Sub" and they go on into a love reletionship that ends with marriage and 2 kids! its a butiful love story about someone who had a messed up childhodd, and how messed up he is and how with the right person in his life he overcame that!! Yes, there is a lot of sex in it- but guess what?? when people fall in love they have lots of sex, we've all been there. this is not a sex book.

894 days ago


It is NOT about his SEX SLAVE!!!! Did anybody actually READ the book!!!!!?????

894 days ago


I haven't read the book. But from what I gather from the posters that have, it doesn't sound like smut or anything. Sex is generally going to be in love stories. So what, do these libraries want to ban love stories?

The cover and the title don't look like they would catch a kids attention, so I'm not really getting the libraries problem.

Wait, wait...are these the same libraries that wanted to ban Harry Potter books because they thought it would make kids devil worshipers or something? hmmmmmmm

894 days ago


Do these same libraries ban Laurell K. Hamilton's books? Anita Blake books are full of sex too. Next will they ban romnc novels? They have lots of sex. A library has the right to decide what books to buy, but a reader should have the right to choose for themselves. The publisher should donate copies of the series to these judgmental libraries, and by law they should have to add them to circulation.

894 days ago


I am midway through the 3rd book. Unlike most reviews I've read about the series, I found it to be very poorly written. The author relies on amateur methods to develop the characters like repetitive actions (looking down at her knotted fingers, etc) rather then filling out the characters and making them come alive. I wonder what the editor was thinking by allowing this to go on through all 3 books? A well written story paints a picture in your mind of the characters and doesn't bore the reader with the same repetitive actions over and over again. I imagine the author had a list of sex scenes and then just filled the predictable story in between them. With better writing and editing this could have been far more interesting then it has been. Without the kinky sex there would be little reason for anyone to read it. If all you are wanting is an education on alternative sexual behavior then you will not be disappointed. However, the credit this is being given for reigniting the female libido such as it was on Dr Oz show puzzles me.

894 days ago
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