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Jamie Lynn Grumet

The Breast

Mother's Day Ever!

5/14/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TIME covermom Jamie Lynn Grumet put away her breasts for Mother's Day and hit up a park in Beverly Hills with her husband and two sons.

Grumet made headlines last week when she appeared on the cover of the mag with her 3-year-old son ... who, let's say, was enjoying his lunch at the time.

The 26-year-old enjoyed her day at Coldwater Park in Beverly Hills with her husband Brian and her two sons -- coverboy Aram, and her 5-year-old adopted son Samuel.

On her way out of the park, she told a photog she's been shocked by all the attention she's received.


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My Big Salami    

Is that Emanuel Lewis AKA Webster?...Thats so cool , he hasn't changed a bit!

871 days ago


She is mentally disturbed for letting her son breast feed at the age. Must be starving for attention.

871 days ago


Does she also breast feed her adopted son? Both sons look about the same age? Her adopted son will feel he was not treated equally as her birth son.

871 days ago


so the BF has to wait in a long line to suk'em....does the adopted kid get the left or the right boob????

871 days ago


Pyscho mom. The next Octomom. These two need to have their kids taken away.

871 days ago


She is gorgeous.

871 days ago


It's got less to do with what's best for the kid and more to do with how dependent that mom is on her kids. LOVE ME!!! Breastfeeding - great. Super dependent mom who refuses to let her kids grow up on their own - borderline child abuse.

871 days ago


Shes freakin beautiful! And she is with that ugly guy!?! I dont get it. Hot women with ugly men.

871 days ago


She's drinking Starbucks and breastfeeding? If you're going to fire shots at me in the mommy wars, you might want to check your ammo. Don't tell me how healthy and natural it is when you're knocking back a Venti coffee.

871 days ago


She's disgusting, how does she think her neighbors and friends think of her disgusting, uncivilized, parenting skills, or lack of. The kids on the playground gonna give that lil boy hell. She needs her head examined and TIME magazine, I will never buy another one. The kaos our world is in and this is all they could find for a cover, get real Time Mag-Rag.

871 days ago


didn't realize that she had an adopted son also
wonder how he feels about the excessive breastfeeding "bonding" between his mother and brother- because you know he did not receive the same treatment
when he's an adult someone should ask him if he was made to feel "less than" in any way because of it all
and when the 4 year old is an adult someone needs to ask him how that photo and article has haunted him and followed him everywhere he goes - as it will for the rest of his life
I'd be curious to have a peek into the future of both boys to see

871 days ago


The breastfeeding thing is screwed up but my god she is sex on wheels. That guy is one lucky cave man. I'd dress her up in the shortest skirt imaginable and walk her down Rodeo Drive and just watch the guys jaws drop to the ground and then take her home and bang the hell out of her.

871 days ago


I knew that kid wasn't no 3 year old like was previously reported. He looked more like 6 on the cover.

Does she allow the black kid to nurse too? gross to it all.

871 days ago


Wow, there're some pretty ignorant, uneducated comments on the subject of breastfeeding. The worldwide average age for weaning is about 4 years old. Trust me when I say it is not something the mom is doing out of selfishness, it is a mutual thing to continue breastfeeding for so long, and at that age it is typically only around sleeping times like waking up, before a nap, before bedtime, etc. The nutritional benefits are still there, they don't magically disappear at a certain age. The child is more than capable of weaning himself when he is ready. No breastfeeding mother forces her child to breastfeed. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until at LEAST 2 years old and then as long as mutually desired after that. These children are not being abused, they are being given the best start in life possible. Breastfeeding has long lasting effects for both mother and child, and the longer, the better. This child will not be ridiculed or traumatized, nor will any child that is breastfed the normal amount of time. Those of you that have a problem with a normal act of motherhood should perhaps seek psychological help for yourselves. I bet you wouldn't bat an eye at a woman smoking around her kid or feeding him donuts and kool-aid, yet human milk is disturbing?

871 days ago


She's an attention whore and an idiot

871 days ago
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