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Bryce Dallas Howard

It Takes a Village

5/14/2012 7:14 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0514_bryce_dallas_howard_NPGFour months after giving birth, "The Help" star Bryce Dallas Howard was spotted exercising her post-pregnancy legs on a walk with her adorable baby daughter Beatrice in L.A. this weekend.

The 31-year-old -- who also has a 5-year-old son with hubby Seth Gabel -- kept it casual on her mother-daughter afternoon excursion in a pair of comfy sweats and slippers.

Bryce -- who's currently nominated for an MTV Movie Award for "Best On-Screen Dirtbag" -- knows raising two kids is a total workout.



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The harsh comments seem so shallow.. Come on people! Not EVERYONE can loose the baby weight like some of these celebs who have a myraid of personal trainers waiting outside of the delivery room after a celeb gives birth. I think she will be just fine. Bryce seems like your average real woman that recently gave birth. I applaud her doing it her way and I believe she will get back to her old self in no time.

856 days ago


I don't care how many "hates" I get but I have to state the obvious. When I first saw the pic I thought, surely she's wearing a fat suit for a role or something. Everyone is so afraid of not being p.c. that they're lying through their teeth right now. This is absolutely NOT how "real" women look four months after giving birth and you all know it. I have never in my life seen anyone look like this after giving birth (not one month and definitely not four!). I am a woman and respect what the female body goes through during pregnancy. I don't think anyone needs to be back in her skinny jeans 2 months later but let's keep it real. That woman (because I still can't believe that's Bryce) appears to be FULL-TERM. Seriously, wth is going on here?!?!?

856 days ago


I really don't think that is her. She was so skinny before and I just don't see her getting that big or still being that big 4 months after giving birth. I just gave birth 4.5 months ago and lost all my weight... not that that is typical, but I guess I am trying to make a point that I don't think it is Bryce.

856 days ago


Dang, she looks like she' still 8 months pregnant!

856 days ago


How refreshing. A rich Hollywood kid who is also a real person. At least she's not a phoney - are you listening Beyonce WhoNeverHadABaby?

856 days ago


I feel soo bad for her. Go look at her pre-pregger pics....her ahzz was SOOOO tiny (needed a microscope to see it), and to look at it now, wtf happened?!?!? Did she give birth out of her there another baby in her ahzz that hasn't come out yet? That thing is HUGE, seriously, it's like 10x bigger than when she was thin.

856 days ago


Someone stop that woman! She's about to eat another baby!

856 days ago


That IS Bryce Dallas Howard. Bryce was open about how she gained 70 or 80 pounds during her first pregnancy and suffered horribly from depression during and after her pregnancy. There are pictures from her first pregnancy when she had to promote a film and she is quite heavy. She started treating the depression and dropped all of the weight! Apparently she has now put the weight back on with this pregnancy and I imagine that and perhaps the depression is the reason that she did not attend the oscars. Her film won best picture.. Nice of tmz to knock a girl when she's down.

856 days ago


@ HOTBITCH.. Obviously you haven't had a baby .. I gained 70 lbs from my first child and it took me nearly a year to get back to my original pre-baby weight. NOT everyone bounces right back ... Seriously people you're critical comments are SO judgemental. For those that haven't popped one out and experience the heartache of massive weight gain and the struggle to get back to size and talking about something you haven't experiened doesn't make you an expert. Everyone's body is different. And people should respect that.

856 days ago


Holy $hit! It's Bigfoot!!!

856 days ago


She seems like a lovely person when interviewed. She is also physically beautiful. But, her baby is now almost 4 months old..... & post-pregnancy weight is definitely too high. It even looks higher than picture of her right before she gave birth! She is a Hollywood star, & unfortunately she won't have the 'luxury' of not loosing all of her baby weight. You can do it Bryce!!

856 days ago


Google photos of her when she made her last public appearance--it was 2 months before she gave birth and she is heavier now then she was then. I know it takes time to lose baby weight, but her stomach still looks very pregnant and she's 4 months PP. Maybe she's pregnant again?

856 days ago


She was a skinny woman before. This stomach is not normal after 4 months of delivering a baby. She has to be pregnant again. She was very pretty and now I can't say that anymore. On top of that her clothes are pretty ugly too. Sorry, guys, there is no praise here.

856 days ago


Wow, you people are horrible! It's called diastasis recti, something all too common in women who have had a baby, especially more than one. It's a separation of the abdominal muscles and it happens a lot, for a lot of different reasons. I think she looks like a beautiful mom who is putting the needs of her young child ahead of her own. I've seen women look like that after giving birth, yes, even 4-5 (and more) months later. It's absolutely normal.

856 days ago


You are Beautiful Bryce!!

856 days ago
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