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'Battleship' Director

HAMMERS Israeli Reporter

'Are You a Draft Dodger?'

5/15/2012 6:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


File this under AWKWARD ...

"Battleship" director Peter Berg was doing a promotional interview for his new movie with an Israeli reporter recently, when he decided to wax philosophically on the political situation with Iran ... and things got weird.

After spelling out his grim take on the situation in the Middle East ... and dropping a few f-bombs in the process ... Berg asks the 25-year-old reporter if he ever served in the Israeli military ... a requirement for Israeli citizens.

When the reporter replied "No," Berg was SHOCKED ...saying, "What?! How did you get out of that? Are you a draft dodger?"

Berg added, "You better join the army motherf**ker!!!"

When Berg presses ... asking if and when the reporter ever plans to serve, the reporter awkwardly replies ... "ummm ... we're not having this conversation."

Too late.


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Score one for the reporter who has managed to simply survive living in Israel for crying out loud. Maybe he had an educational pass from the military? Maybe he did avoid it somehow. No one's business but his. Bottom line: Peter Berg, what branch of the military did YOU serve in?? What a d-bag.

890 days ago


Berg is clearly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs in this interview. And he looks painfully thin. What's going on with him? I felt sorry for the poor reporter.

890 days ago


This is Mel Gibson lite....make NO mistake.

890 days ago


Yea, OK. I'm in line right after you!!!

890 days ago


Berg as Valid questions and brings up Valid Points. If you don't know then don't comment. Then again this is TMZ and not a geopolitical forum even though I'm sure there are alot of Jews in the TMZ organization along with alot of homosexuals.

890 days ago

Delaware D    

HA! Berg is a cool cat.

890 days ago


I see nothing wrong with this. He said it in a fun, light manner

890 days ago


You don't get out of Israeli conscription easily, so he may have a legitimate reason, like health, and if that were the case, it is none of Peter Berg's business.
As a veteran myself, and Berg not being one, who the heck is he to question anyone's service?

890 days ago


Iran and Israel fighting isn't "the most serious issue facing our planet today". Not in my world.

890 days ago


And to those that are crying over the reporter, why should the reporter ask a bunch of personal questions and not get any repercussions? If reporters unload on the interviewee, then the interviewee has the right to attack back.

890 days ago


Berg is drunk, bad press for your own movie.

890 days ago


I don't see a problem,American soldiers will give up their lives for Israel and American taxpayer will give up their money to finance illegal state of Israel.

890 days ago

BB not bb    

The director seems like a creep so I would not want to see this movie after this promo. He doesn't even make sesne. Harrassing a reporter over an irrelevant topic makes me think that his movie will just be a jumble of incoherent thoughts also. Then the added profanity just makes me think his whole style is trashy and cheap.

If Mr. Berg is so worried about Iran attacking Isreal, maybe he should volunteer to join the IDF instead of harrassing others to do so. I doubt he has the courage, so he just uses his bravado to seem above a real Isreali.

If Iran strikes back, there will be blood . . . is that supposed to be deep? It is more like obvioius.

890 days ago


U agree with ANNIE2

890 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

This guy Berg is so whacked...what does all that questioning about Iran having nukes have to do with his freakin' movie? The Israelis will do what they need to do when they need to do it. If the reporter didn't serve he may have had a valid reason, you just can't say you are a conscientious objector, and that's that. In any case, that's NONE of Berg's business. This was on Channel 10 in Israel, I don't think his movie Battleship will be a big success in Israel after this...Israelis love American movies, but in this case, Berg blew it, that's because he was interviewed right after he blew that funny powder up his nose.

890 days ago
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