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Travolta's Lawyer

We've Been Vindicated!

5/15/2012 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta's lawyer says the actor has been completely vindicated after John Doe #1 dismissed his sexual assault lawsuit.

Attorney Marty Singer tells TMZ, "My client is completely vindicated by Doe #1 dropping his claims and dismissing his lawsuit.  We fully expect that my client will similarly be vindicated with respect to Doe #2, as well as with respect to any other person who makes meritless claims against John Travolta."

As TMZ previously reported ... John Doe #2 still has a standing lawsuit against Travolta.


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LOL. If you pay them, they will dismiss their suits! Is that vindication? Not! So sad there's so much out there pointing to his marriage being a sham. Sad he feels he must if so.

859 days ago


There is already a #3 - and no Mr. Singer, this is no vindication. Everyone has heard these exact same stories about John for DECADES. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. John's #1 priority is making sure people don't go around saying he is gay because it will harm Scientology as a whole, being he is one of their largest members. Scientology has silenced people and made them "go away" before, over much less problematic issues. That would never happen to John because he's too high profile, but I sure hope they don't destroy the lives of the accusers. And I sure hope you wouldn't want that to happen either, but I kind of have a feeling you wouldn't mind, because you really think the've done something wrong to John. As though treating people the way he has is somehow justified because he is a celebrity. If you have any sons or daughters Mr. Singer, how would you feel if someone in a closed room with them tried to coerce them into sex? Just curious.

859 days ago


Scientology goons probably showed up to the accusers house in the middle of the night and walked in his bedroom and told him he will dismiss the claims and if he speaks about it again, they will be back.
That's about the way they operate.

859 days ago


Somebody was PAID OFF !!!

859 days ago


Vindicated. I think Travolta would rather be ejaculated.

859 days ago


I honestly bet they paid him off. One day the tell all book will reveal it. Mark my words. I feel sorry for his wife and kids if these claims are true. Just come out already. It's not like anyone will care.

859 days ago


There will be more men coming out to try to catch him. This has been following him for a long time.

859 days ago


As we write checks, and they go away, we are vindicated!

859 days ago


Yeah, it went away with the right $$$ or should I make that $$$$$$!! Just because the first person dropped the suit doesn't mean nothing happened. One to many stories out there JT, you can't cover them all up. What about the pic of you kissing the guy while getting on your private jet? I'm just who you are. I'm betting the majority of people in Hollywoodland know anyway...

859 days ago


He is FAR from vindicated. He needs to admit he likes bisexual sex with men. This has been going on for years for crying out loud. He has destroyed young men's careers.

859 days ago


What Marty Singer really means is........A financial settlement with a gag order was reached with the first accuser!

859 days ago


Yep and if you believe that I've got some swampland in Florida I'd like to sell you.

859 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I wish Harv and friends would get on the "Down Low Obamo" case where he and his buddies used to and likely still do hang out at called Man Country and they weren't 'working out' there, you can google Hillbuzz Obama Down Low and read the story from a Hillary campaign person who's been a prolific anti Obama source from Chicago and he's also gay by the way, and knows the truth about O and his friend Larry and his no longer with us friend Donald Young and the two other killed choir members strangely the same week of the Iowa caucuses. Google Donald Young's momma pleas for O to tell the truth" and read about that one.. and on and on.. they could have material that would turn the world on it's head they choose to ignore throwing the nation to the wolves in the process look good appeasers, who keep feeding that hungry crocodile so they hope it'll eat them last. Nada.

859 days ago


They can make all the nasty faces they want, the truth of the matter is that eventually, the whole world will want to know why John T is not telling the truth. Karma will come back to us, remember.....

859 days ago

buzz kill    

Any idea on how much it cost to get John Doe #1 to go away?

859 days ago
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