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Tupac's Family

He Was NO Homophobe

... He Loved Versace

5/16/2012 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tupac Shakur's family members believe Suge Knight is dead wrong -- the rapper couldn't have been a homophobe ... because he was GREAT friends with Gianni Versace.

Suge has been on a media blitz recently ... telling multiple radio stations 2pac ended his professional relationship with a famous hip hop star because Suge believed the rapper was a gay man. 

But sources close to the Tupac estate tell TMZ ... the Shakur family feels very strongly that Suge's claims are "totally false" ... and point to his friendship with the famous designer Gianni Versace, who was an openly gay man.

In fact, Tupac reportedly participated in a Versace fashion show in Italy back in 1996 ... and even rocked a Versace suit on the catwalk.


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James R. - Los Angeles    

Who the f*ck cares?

They're both dead.

893 days ago


Using a man that has been dead for over 15 years to get a little attention, tsk tsk. But latching onto people with talent has always been his thing, since he doesn't have any of his own to speak of.

Proud of yourself Suge??

I'm pretty sure his family knew Tupac better then that horrible man.

893 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

Don't you mean FO'SACE?

893 days ago


now , now , now we all know that a lot of black men are on the down low

893 days ago


lol that Suge Knight interview is 10 years old, So we making news of 10 years old interviews now!?!?

893 days ago


I'm so glad they came out and put this rumor to rest, because...Hey! Wait a minute...WHO THE HELL CARES!

893 days ago

My Big Salami    

Tupac was a FELON!..Any normal un-famous, un-rich person would not have been able to get away with RAPE, Attempted MURDER, ROBBERY, KIDNAPPING, EXTORTION and a SHOOT OUT with police officers etc. etc. etc........I hope his family is real proud of his tatoo "THUG LIFE"...As the old saying goes "Live by the sword, die by the sword"...Yes Tupac gets to rest in peace now but what about his many victims ?

893 days ago


Suge thinks Tupac was a gay man? Boy his karmas going to kill him. He's guilty of so many things.

893 days ago


Actually, Suge has a legit claim. Tupac's lyrics make him guilty. "California Love Part 2 without GAY-ass Dre!" He also called Puffy a "f*gg*t" on that same Makaveli album. Did his family ever listen to his albums? I'm not criticizing the late Tupac. In 1990's urban America, that was common language and you could get away with it. Tupac was a man of his time. I understand his family wants to protect his legacy, and it's no longer considered cool to dislike gays or use gay slurs casually, but why try to make him out to be a saint? His song lyrics don't help his legacy in the long run. What are they going to say? It was only for entertainment purposes?

893 days ago


Finnaly out of the closet!!

892 days ago


I'm sure he was. Back then people weren't as excepting of gay people. I could see him being homophobic.

892 days ago

Jonas Rimmer    

Good God, GAYMZ. Time to step the GAY breaks, and PRETEND this is a site made for everyone, including heterossexuals.

GAYMZ, homossexual activism at its best.


892 days ago


Okay Tupacs "THUG LIFE" tatoo has already been mentioned. So before others go off about it, let me tell you what it is.

THUG LIFE stood for "The Hate U Give Little Infants :bleep:s Everybody

THUG LIFE was ment to decrease violence. The codes of THUG LIFE were signed by the bloods and crips at a peace picnic. Rules set forth to add some type of order so people weren't just running around killing eachother. A lot of the rules were about keeping children away from gang related things.

Thug life isn't ment to be a bad thing. The title just makes it sound like it.

892 days ago


Ni**a Please! Sum1 tell Suge to sit his "Holding Onto His Last 15min Of Fame" azz down & STFU!

892 days ago

The Gay Nazis For Jesus     

OK ! That's cool.

892 days ago
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