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John Cena's Wife

You Can't Divorce Me

... Yet

5/18/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Cena
's wife REFUSES to let the wrestler file for divorce -- at least the way he's doing it now -- and to prove she means business, she's asking a judge to throw out the WWE legend's divorce papers.

Elizabeth Cena just filed legal docs in Florida, claiming John's recent divorce petition is riddled with errors ... and should be dismissed.

According to Elizabeth, John inaccurately refers to her by her maiden name (Huberdeau) instead of her legal name (Cena). As a result, Elizabeth says John fails to bring "a proper dissolution of marriage action" against her.

Elizabeth also claims John failed to attach the prenup he references in his initial divorce filing -- a copy of which MUST be attached in order for the filing to be valid.

Elizabeth also takes issues with John's claim that there's no marital property -- Elizabeth insists there is ... and she wants her share.

For all these reasons, Elizabeth wants a judge to dismiss John's petition and force him to re-file ... if he dares.

Calls to John's people were not returned.

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Omgee shes what i like to call "clingy" dang its obvios he doesnt want you anymore! let the man go..geez you darn gold digger thats prob the reason you married him in the first place! GO TO HELL Liz Huberdeau!!!!!!!!!!!!

897 days ago


Omgee shes what i like to call "clingy" dang its obvios he doesnt want you anymore! let the man go..geez you darn gold digger thats prob the reason you married him in the first place! GO TO HELL Liz Huberdeau!!!!!!!!!!!!

897 days ago


Let her divorce him! I'll take him.

897 days ago

buzz kill    

Till death do us part.

897 days ago


if he doesnt want to be her let him leave. so i can be with him. because he can do so much better. he is to fine to be getting his heart broken

897 days ago


Prenupt!! When will people ever learn? Always have a prenupt on both sides. Geez!

897 days ago


So she is offered a pre-divorce financial settlement and turns it down. From what I have read, the prenup is not favorable to the wife. Whoops...should have taken the settlement. So here we go for a nasty divorce battle. Attorneys are going to be the big winners...as usual!

897 days ago


you cant make someone stay married to you if they want out thats what some people would call holding them aginst there own will to leave. if he dont want you let him leave there are reasons behind him leaveing you just have to face them. i say let the man have his damn life he dont want to be tied down no more or that leach around his neck thats 6inches long... let him go!

897 days ago


The leading cause of divorce is marriage.

897 days ago


This woman has been with him since high school. Wayy before he even thought of becoming a rich, famous wrestler. She was with him when he didn't have a dime, and she was there every step of the way to support him in his dream of being a wrestler. How is she a gold digger? I'm sure John didn't make her work all the years they were together. Would YOU make your wife get a job if you were a multi-millionaire? If I were her, I wouldn't have signed a pre-nup in the first place. I can't imagine what she must be going through. I can't believe John Cena is going to leave this woman flat broke with nothing when she's been there for him since the beginning. He could at least cut her a check to help get her started on making a life for herself. I'm not saying he has to give her half of everything he has, but dropping her on her ass with nothing isn't cool either. She's not just some gold digger. She loved him and stood by him long before he became who he is today, and she deserves credit for that. Hell, he's treating her like she's some groupie he made the mistake of marrying.

897 days ago


OMG, I am not surprised, I knew the kids of Robert F. Kennedy when I was younger, in 1966m 67 and 68. We lived in the same building in NYC as they did and my mother was friendly with Rose Kennedy the mother of John F. Kennedy. At that time it was a known thing to set up "play dates" with other children in the building since the building was known as a rich man's paradise according to "In Cold Blood" author Truman Capote, who also lived in the building, and gave me my first sip of Vodka when I was 9 years old. When we would go to the Kennedy apartment, in the East Tower the nanny would let us in. We'd try to be friendly as kids were but the Kennedy daughters ignored us and the boys teased and bullied us, except for my sister, they liked her. But David Kennedy (RIP) threw a hockey puck at me and then the nanny later said we had lice and we were banned from going there. Very strange encounter. So I am not surprised to hear of this new development. I never saw Robert Kennedy Jr. at the apartment when I was a kid. Just the younger ones. Ethel was pleasant but aloof. I only saw Robert F. Kennedy in the elevator. You can see for yourself at http://asphodelband.blogspot.com just to confirm it.

897 days ago


She's trying to get his petition thrown out so she can file a divorce petition and say she initiated the divorce.

897 days ago


This is just sad.

897 days ago

Miz Val    

Whatever lady .Hit the road . You had no business marrying him in the first place.1) He's too young 2) His career and image will always come first 3) I saw him first!

896 days ago


@ MEZ, How do you know this?

896 days ago
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