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Mark Zuckerberg

The $20 Billion Smile

5/18/2012 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So this what it looks like to make $20 BILLION in one day.

28-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg surfaced moments ago outside his home in Palo Alto, CA -- just hours after his Facebook IPO earned him an extra $20 billion -- and he looked happier (and richer) than ever.

But everyone else wasn't so lucky -- Facebook's stock was originally priced at $38 and finished the day at $38.23 ... not bad, but not great either.

To put it in perspective, Google's stock was priced at $85 during its IPO in 2004, and finished its first day at $100.34.


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Jay W.     

Good for you man... good for you !

885 days ago


I agree. Can't knock the guy for making money. I only wish I had the money to buy stocks.

885 days ago


Mark: Please consider purchasing a company called Neomedia.

885 days ago


He Works Hard For His Money

885 days ago


Leave the poor, I mean rich guy alone..

885 days ago


Folks, it's not like he deposited $20 billion in CASH into his bank account. This is "on paper" wealth that can fluctuate wildly. Even if Facebook's stock takes a dive, Zuckerberg will still be "filthy rich" for the rest of his life and he's only 28 years old. He's a very fortunate dude. He'll have more money than he could spend probably. What do you buy after you have the gigantic house, a yacht, fancy cars, private jet and so forth? 20 huge mansions all over the world? A different high priced hooker every day flown in from all over the world on a private jet?

885 days ago


The train had already left the station before the Average Joe could jump on. Just like the gold market the only way the AJ could make a lot of money was to invest a lot of money....and the way the market is right now who has that kind of spare money to take a chance with....The guy who already has the money and wants/needs more!

885 days ago


Facebook is crap. I don't use it at all. It's going to go down like MySpace.

885 days ago


The SF Chronicle - which normally slobber all over FB is reporting it fizzled. (But their copy editors love alliteration.) However, the other creepy part of FB is they back organ donor programs, which are although these donor programs act in a predatory way when it comes to procurement, and harvest. Everyone makes a ton of money..

Why aren't legislators protecting the public?

885 days ago


If Foreign Traders had not kept the price high FB shares would be at a loss today. .23 is BS !

885 days ago


now you can buy obozo the election!!

885 days ago

Miz Val    

Good for him .But he's still no Christian Grey! Time for a makeover. Ditch the college boy duds and start looking like the billionaire you.are

885 days ago


Good for him. In about 5 years, that 20 billion won't be worth 1 million.

885 days ago


Good for him. I hope helps the needy with some of that cheese.

885 days ago


Facebook needs tobe slapped with a lawsuit right now. This story, is going NATIONAL. They have banned this mother, a friend of mine, for posting pictures of her son on Facebook. He lived for 8 hours and they brought in a photographer to capture those few hours they had with their precious son. Someone reported the pictures, FB took them down, she protested by posting them over and over and over again - today - they banned her!!! This story is being televised on news stations around the country. She lives in Memphis and is ready to go after some people. Check the story and pictures out on the website below...

885 days ago
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