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Will Smith

ATTACKS Kissy Reporter

5/18/2012 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Will Smith just slapped a Ukrainian reporter across the face at the Moscow premiere of "Men in Black 3" -- and it was all caught on tape.

The Ukrainian reporter tries to kiss Will on the lips on the red carpet and the actor angrily pushes him away and then backhands him across the face.

You can clearly see that Will is incredibly pissed that the guy showed overt affection toward him.

After Will slaps the guy, Will says, "He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him."

We're told the dude who kissed Will is a television reporter who often kisses celebrities -- it's his schtick.

For the record, Will just came out in support of gay marriage.

A source on scene tells TMZ, the reporter's mouth brushed up against Will's and that's why the actor reacted so violently. Despite the incident, Will stayed positive ... and happily continued to sign autographs for fans and do red carpet interviews.


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He had no right to GRAB any person like that and kiss them without permission. He's lucky he just got tapped and not knocked out for that PRANK. . Doesnt matter if he always does it or not. Not every one whould know that and most would be upset by a stranger doing that. .

853 days ago


He did not over-react and the title of this article need to change, will didn't "attack" anyone, if anything he was being assaulted. You can see Will was being nice to him at first, giving him a peck on each cheek as is the European custom but then the reporter took it way too far. Gay, Straight, Man or Woman, we DO NOT KISS STRANGERS ON THE LIPS. That''s how viruses spread. Had it been another male celebrity, the reporter would have a black eye, he is lucky.

853 days ago


you go to rome you do like the roman so **** will and his ***** movie that i will not pay to see

853 days ago


I wouldn't call that an "attack". More like a tap across the face. Can't say I blame him.

853 days ago


I don't think he over reacted at all. Just because you support gay marriage, doesn't mean you're gay!

853 days ago


I don't blame Will. These homos actually believe that every straight man wants to be gay. Will was nice enough to hug him, and the little freak tried to put his germs on him.

853 days ago


Will is a over rated "actor" hope he gets sued

853 days ago


I think y'all forgot that Will Smith is from West Philadelphia...... born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days. So be easy on him!!!

853 days ago


It had to be mentioned that Will 'just came out in support of gay marriage'? This has nothing to do with that.
This was unwanted, and a huge violation of personal space. I would have slapped him, too.

853 days ago


Uh-uh, that dude was wrong for trying to kiss Will on the lips. Some dudes just don't play that.

The backslap...well, I'm not sure that -- yet, but the kiss was a no-no.

853 days ago


Let's look at it this way. If Will Smith was a complete stranger to a woman, the woman had no idea who he was, and Will Smith tried to force her to engage in tonsil hockey, what would people say?
Good chance it would be declared assault. A little less likely, but still pretty likely, sexual assault.

853 days ago


women are always slapping men when they try to sneak in a kiss on the mouth

853 days ago


All of you are F-ING idiots...especially you TMZ for posting this crap. OBVIOUSLY this is how men greet (kiss on each cheek) in Europe and it caught Will by surprise. It looks like Will was maybe one of his favorite actors or something so he got excited. Come on...BOOOOO TMZ!! STUPID IDIOTS!! I think Will is "hiding" something to be so jumpy! haha

853 days ago


Will was justified in his actions, I too am in support of gay marriage but it doesn't mean I am comfortable being kissed by another girl.

853 days ago


Just because he's for Gay Marriage , doesn't mean you now have the Right to kiss him on the mouth..That guy is lucky with just getting away with love tap ..

853 days ago
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