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Transgender Beauty Queen

NOT a Total Loser

at Miss Universe Contest

5/20/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

After all the hoopla to compete, transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova LOST the title of Miss Universe Canada ... but DID manage to win something else -- Miss Congeniality.

Talackova took the stage Saturday night in Toronto -- along with 61 other Canadian women -- as the first transgender to compete in the Miss Universe beauty competition ... but was axed after the top 12.

If you recall ... the 23-year-old fought tooth and nail just to be allowed in the competition after it was discovered she was not a "natural born female" and underwent a sex-change operation 4 years ago.

Although she didn't make it past the semi-finals, Talackova took home a different prize ... she was one of four women to be named Miss Congeniality.

The real crown went to 26-year old Sahar Biniaz.

There's always next year.


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I'm sorry. I don't have an issue with transgendered people at all, but this particular person seems to just want to create drama... I would venture to say that it's all part of the do***entary they are making about her. More drama... more movie goers or something... this isn't about transgendered people, it's about THIS particular person.

889 days ago


Nasty and disgusting!!! Just plain wrong!

889 days ago


What a joke. Why even bother having the pageant if you're just going to allow it to get hijacked by every special interest group looking to force their lifestyles on the world?
Congratulations! You had a doctor cut your junk off so you can live out your sexual fantasies. Forcing everyone around you to pretend you're a real woman isn't equality.

889 days ago

Kelly Kelly    

He wasn't born a woman, so he shouldn't be allowed into the contest. Period. It's not an LGBT thing, it's a common sense thing. Now, if you don't side with them and what they want all the time, you're wrong and can't get no wronger.

889 days ago


Sorry. Its still a dude. Change a few parts and take all the hormone pills he wants, doesn't matter.

889 days ago


The tranny was caught using the men restroom does that mean he has to give up ITS crown for Miss Congeniality..?

889 days ago


Does this mean that a guy who loses his genitals in a farming accident is legally a woman? What's the criteria here? If I like pretending I'm a squirrel when I have sex can I have an operation to grow hair and a tail? If I do that does that mean people can legally hunt me?
If I have surgery to make my skin black can I get money from the United Negro College Fund?
This whole thing is absolute nonsense but people are so deluded they made an exception to common sense and allowed people like this to legally change their sex. They didn't change anything. They just mutilate their body and now expect the world to pick up the slack and reassure them they're real women.
You're a MAN who wasn't happy with yourself. Suck it up and join the club.

889 days ago


Political correctness on steroids. Just plain dumb.

889 days ago


Hmm!!!...Still he sleeps with Men....and that means he's gay cause he's natural born a male. And i will never understand why some LGBT need to inform the World who they are. You don't see heterosexuals go bragging about their orientations. Keep your creepy personal life to need to tell us that you were a man before.

889 days ago

Tom Cruise    

I heard she lost by just a few inches.

889 days ago

buzz kill    

This whole contest is a sham, any man with a dop of testosterone should shun the whole process. And it is not a she, it is a mutilated male with a mental problem.

889 days ago


It can now get a job at TMZ!

889 days ago


Isn't Donald Trumps current wife a transexual?

889 days ago


It should have never been allowed to enter the contest in the first place.

889 days ago

Pete the Geek    

Congratulations to Jenna for having the courage to try and for winning Miss Congeniality.

889 days ago
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