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Lindsay Lohan

Follow the Bouncing Boobs

5/22/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You are getting sleeeeeeeeeeeepy ... because Lindsay Lohan's breasts are HYPNOTIC.

A bra-less Lindsay went into a photo shoot in West Hollywood yesterday -- and the motion of her ocean could have sank the freakin' Titanic. You gotta see the clip.

Supermodel Kate Upton previously held the Bounciest Bosoms in the Universe title -- after undulating her way into our hearts -- but now, it's all back up for debate.

So we gotta ask ...


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Lohans are almost down to her waist....gross

855 days ago


Oh, So Now Lindsay Lohan Is Suddenly Picky When It Comes To Dick

If the producers of Lifetime's Liz & Dick cast an orange parking cone in a brown wig to play Richard Burton opposite Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor, that bitch should shut her lips and nod, because she should be lucky that someone is giving her a chance to prove that she's not a chronic professional **** up and is about as pleasant as getting finger ****ed by an eagle. But Lindsay Lohan wouldn't be Lindsay Lohan if she didn't induce a dozen eye rolls with her self-entitled antics, so of course she's already a freckled thorn in the producers' ass lips.

A source tells Radar that the producers of that basic cable foolery put Matthew Settle of Gossip Girl, Sean Maguire of Meet the Spartans and Craig Robert Young on the short list for the role of Richard Burton, but LiLo waved all of them away. The fact that this is a movie for ****ING LIFETIME hasn't penetrated through the fart bubble of delusion that LiLo lives in and so she thinks an A-lister should star opposite her, so says the source:

"Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton. She believes Matthew Settle is too old to play the role, and she wants a major A-list star to be her co-star. However, her salary for the role took up a major portion of the budget, and the Burton gig will likely only pay $200k, max. The producers don't need to get Lindsay's approval of who will play Richard Burton, but they want to keep her happy.

They are already in pre-production and it's very hard to conduct any rehearsals without the pivotal role of Richard Burton. There is also cause for concern because Lindsay partied all night last week with Paris Hilton, Barron Hilton and Brandon Davis. All three, including Lindsay, have been arrested for DUI and/or drug charges previously. Lindsay shouldn't be out partying all night long, no good can come of that."

LiLo wants to fly to London to handpick her own Richard Burton, but the producers aren't going to fund that trip.

None of these dudes give me Richard Burton vibes, but this movie is just a whoring for ratings project camouflaged as an Elizabeth Taylor biopic so it doesn't matter who plays him. I wouldn't be surprised if LiLo ended up playing Liz AND Dick so she can collect two checks. I also wouldn't be surprised if White Oprah is trying to get the producers to cast The Curious Case of Ali Lohan as Richard Burton so she can collect two commissions. "It doesn't count as incest if it's done in front of the cameras.... for a check..... and if the producers give their pimp a lifetime supply of Svedka as a finders fee." - White Oprah's life motto

But seriously, since Liz & Dick is already a mess, the producers should get totally messy by casting Pete "Dreamboat" Doherty, seen below looking hot at Cannes, as Richard Burton. Dreamboat is absolutely perfect for the simple fact that he wouldn't flinch if LiLo sneezed up a coke booger on his face during the kissing scenes.

855 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

We understand, TMZ writer guy, you're 12. Thanks for the confirmation.

855 days ago


Kim K boobs are 1000 x better. Bigger! Firm! Shaped just right! Spaced apart perfectly! Blows these two away easily.

855 days ago


Let’s hope this all works out because if they don’t get this project off the ground there is a good chance Lindsay will once again be out of a job.

Lindsay stop being annoying and pick a Dick

855 days ago


Lindsay's Boobs look like an on Grandma teh way they were sagging . They wer Not Bouncing. She is too young to look so Old

855 days ago


I like how the pap says that "Last Chance Lohan" called him........... AGAIN!

855 days ago


Sources are reporting that Lindsay Lohan has become quite obnoxious over choosing the right Dick for her Liz. With shooting for her Lifetime comeback vehicle, Liz and Dick, set to begin in a few weeks, Lindsay is beside herself with worry that she hasn’t found the right actor to play Elizabeth Taylor’s ex-husband and sparring partner, Richard Burton. reports choices to play the role of Burton have come down to Gossip Girl star Matthew Settle, Sean Maguire, and CSI’s Craig Robert Young. But Lindsay is not feeling them. “Lindsay declared that none of the actors were the right fit and that she wanted to go to London to look for a possible Burton actor there,” a production insider said. “Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton. She believes Matthew Settle is too old to play the role, and she wants a major A-list star to be her co-star. However, her salary for the role took up a major portion of the budget, and the Burton gig will likely only pay $200k, max. The producers don’t need to get Lindsay’s approval of who will play Richard Burton, but they want to keep her happy.”

Lindsay does understand that this is a Lifetime movie, right? It’s not like Russell Crowe is going to shake his head at this missed opportunity. But, no, of course she doesn’t realize this because it’s all about her. Lindsay is (or was) talented and she probably does get that she needs to generate some heat and chemistry with her co-star if this movie is going to give her the comeback she needs. But she’s delusional as all hell if she thinks she’s going to find it in Lifetime’s halls. A-list actors make real movies – not Lifetime movies. Ergo Lindsay, you are not A-list anymore and shouldn’t start busting out orders. You should be thanking your lucky stars the casting agent had a lapse of judgement that day and hired you to play Elizabeth freakin’ Taylor!

Luckily it sounds like the people in charge aren’t taking Lindsay’s demands too seriously. When asked if they were actually considering going to London to find their Burton the source replied, “Hell no! There just isn’t any money in the budget, or time, to do so. The producers will try to land someone that Lindsay likes, but, if push comes to shove, they will just cast the role without her approval.”

855 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

There is a difference between bouncy and floppy.... the poor gal is not aging well....

855 days ago


I love all the women on here bashing her.....LOLOLOL

855 days ago


She has her problems (don't we all) but she is smoking hot.

855 days ago


TMZ is my new favourite site. It's like a Lindsay Lohan Good News Machine where every one of her articles establishes a new record number of comments and then we play this game where if the comment is hateful you press Like and otherwise you press Hate. I think she looks good here, but don't worry I'm fully strapped in and bracing for the backlash.

855 days ago


The difference is, Kate Upton is gorgeous and hot; she looks amazing. BLOWhan is disgusting; her bloated floppy titty bags make me want to puke...

855 days ago


On the last Thread where Lindsay is trying on vintage clothes at the Salvation Army, the woman in the background is pulling a bra off the rack. I guess she thinks that Lindsay should pull it all together for a more uplifting look. I guess we are not the only ones that think that Lohans Low hangs do not compliment the dress.

855 days ago



855 days ago
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