TMZ Live Mary Murphy Coke-Head Accusation Sparks War

5/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Mary Murphy ... Nympho Coke-Head Accusation Sparks All-Out War

TMZ Live

"So You Think You Can Dance" judge Mary Murphy's war with her former manager -- who's accusing her of cocaine abuse and nymphomania -- comes down to one thing ... money, and lots of it! We'll explain what's going on behind the lines.

Plus, Howard Stern meets his match ... a crying 7-yr-old rapper -- and Superman is gay!! Or at least gay adjacent ... a DC Comics superhero is coming out, and someone in our newsroom is lobbying for it to be Wonder Woman! Typical. 
(0:00) Mary Murphy's ex-manager claims she's a sex-crazed, coke fiend -- but she says he's just making BS claims because she sued his pants off.
(5:02) Snooki evicts herself from the "Jersey Shore" house ... but that doesn't mean she's off the show.
(7:46) Ray J. -- the latest celebrity to fall victim to "exhaustion."
(11:30) Want to know what makes Usher cry?
(16:02) Howard Stern makes a 7-year-old on "America's Got Talent" cry ... then attempts to make it all better.
(18:13) The most talented person on "AGT" so far ... who really knows how to take a shot to the nuts.
(18:30) Melissa Etheridge's nuclear divorce war was finally put to bed.
(23:12) Dr. Phil's son -- as Harvey says -- really used his "P" card on a hot trainer. But not the one you're thinking about.
(25:30) Camille Grammer ... she's baaaaaaaack.
(30:10) Chris Brown's fans show that they're as violent as he is ... by tossing Twitter death threats at a super hot model who took a shot at him for lip syncing.
(33:15) Celine Dion's MONSTER estate is going up for sale ... and we have the unbelievable pictures of it.
(39:00) DC Comics is about to announce a gay superhero! We attempt to narrow down the field.
(42:30) We take your calls!