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Kris Allen

Put 'American Idol'

Out of Its Misery

5/25/2012 8:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

052512_chris_allen_launchStick a fork in "American Idol" ... it's done -- at least according to former champ Kris Allen, who strongly insinuated the show has run its course.

Kris -- who beat out Adam Lambert to win Season 8 -- was in LA yesterday when we asked if he caught the "Idol" finale Wednesday night. But like millions of former "Idol" fans across the country, Kris said he did NOT.

In fact, Kris said it might be time to pull the plug on "Idol" ... for good.

But it could be a case of "Bitter, party of one." Kris' latest album is only projected to sell a measly 15-20k in its first week ... and there are rumblings that he will be dropped from his record label.

So we gotta ask ... 


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883 days ago


Cause he's not all that musically, not making any money off it.. sour grapes.

883 days ago

Jay W.     

Can't say I disagree

883 days ago


He should be thankful they gave him a chance because Adam Lambert should've won that year. Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth geez!

883 days ago


It's still the number two show - behind only Monday Night Football - so while many have tired of it, Kris is wrong. Hold that fork, it's not done.

883 days ago


I have watched it since day one, and like so many, I am fed up with the wrong person winning. I am so glad the good one, won this year finally. If the right person wins, it is good, but I will never watch it again with these judges, they just ruined it this year, especially Jennifer. I guess American proved how wrong you were with Jessica. They crammed her down our throats so much, we got tired of it. We can hear a good singer over a bad one, It was horrible the way they treated Phillip when he was so talented. Simon always said to take a song and make it yours, which Phillip did, but the others just stood there and sang/screamed the exact lyrics as written. Was nothing more than a karaoke show.

883 days ago


The finale this year was truly awful. Tyler and JLo's numbers stunk, and the rest were screeching. Yuck.

883 days ago


Well I think the runner-ups are more successful than the winners.

883 days ago


Kris, Ruben, Justin , r doing well @ BK.

883 days ago


It should be canceled. The only person who has really come out with a major career from AI is Kelly Clarkson. With only a few notable exceptions who have only minor careers in comparision, like Reuben, Clay Aiken, Kellie Pickler and Adam Lambert, everyone else fades into obscurity right after the season ends.

883 days ago


Just thinking of Ryan Seacrest's fugly mug makes me want to hurl. Then there is the old bag JHO and shaking her wrinkled and saggy rear while making a grandma fool of herself with her little friend from cartoonland, and let us not forget Steven Tyler who now works for Burger King.

883 days ago


Chris Allen WHO???? Lol.

883 days ago


Theese shows are not about talent it is about the high paid celebrity judges that they pay to only promote themselves. Jennifer needed to promote a dying movie so she did it on American Idol. the show is a platform to promote superstars that want to already put there product out there not find the next superstar. If you go out on the street and interveiw 100 people about past contestants nobody would remeber them until you bring them up. Like chris Allen does anybody remeber the contestants in his year he beat out.

883 days ago

go home!    

15-20k copies sold it's first week? I heard Leann Rimes last record 'Lady & Gentleman' reportedly sold around 25K TOTAL to date, so I would say for a first week numbers, that ain't bad for Kris.

883 days ago


The right person would win each year IF Cowell and Seacrest weren't raking in so much money with the 130 million call-in votes. At a buck a piece every week, this adds up. So they give up making the right choice and let all the teenie-boppers decide who is the cutest.

Singing competitions should be judged by producers, writers and competent personel who know whta they are talking about. By this I don't mean Britney

883 days ago
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