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X Factor to TMZ

'Play Nice'

5/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Simon Cowell and Britney Spears want TMZ to know ... despite our stories about Britney having a tough time judging "X Factor"  ... they couldn't be happier. Let's be real -- Britney says she's talking to Harvey in the video, but she's really talkin' to you.

As TMZ first reported, Britney walked off during shooting on Thursday ... leaving four contestants to sing to an empty chair. Yesterday Britney took one short break during taping, but was otherwise much more outgoing than on Day 1.

We starting poking around late yesterday because we heard rumblings that Britney might be having second thoughts, but she and Simon want to make it clear -- Britney is going nowhere.

We gotta ask ...


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TMZ it's so pathetic and blatantly obvious what you's are trying to do with all these Britney stories, celeb scandals = more money for you! lmao she goes to the bathroom and you's 'report' that she's quit the show? This is sad - even for TMZ - which is saying something.

I don't think I've ever seen TMZ get this ugly before, did Britney diss Harvey at some point or something? There must be a reason for all of this.

844 days ago


I can't believe the kind of hate that Britney Spears gets on forums and the like - she is no different than so many female celebrities out there, except that her grievances with the music industry and not being able to leave the house to get the mail without there being a story on sites like these by the time she gets through the front door, were exposed throughout this so-called "breakdown" in 2007. Honestly, that's when I began to respect her, stemming from empathy, moving toward inspiration as she got back on her feet. She showed a sense of humanity and authenticity that is so rare in Hollywood (though many of you ignorantly maintain the opposite assertion). So she cannot dance the way that she used to, so she doesn't sing live; give me a break. She hasn't done anything to harm anyone, and she is a pop legend in many respects, despite what so PERSONALLY offends you people about her. Don't talk about stuff you know nothing about (her kids - whom she created extremely strict guidelines for in her contract before even considering finalizing, her love life, etc.) Channel your hatred toward someone who deserves it. Britney, you're just as beautiful as you were when this roller coaster commenced in 1998, congrats on the engagement, your tracks are still sick, and I am so, SO proud of you.

844 days ago


Love britney, she'll do awesome as an x factor judge!

844 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Of course she'll last the season. It does more damage to her career if she bolts in the middle. I don't see her being there in future seasons though.

844 days ago

I am Spartacus    

and honestly, what's with all these stories trying to make her look bad?

I'm not a Britney fan but it's almost as if TMZ is praying something goes wrong or someone is unhappy so they can put out 50 of the same stories about it.

Since the start TMZ seems to be rooting for her to fail or something to go wrong.

844 days ago


She is not aging well at ALL. She really should just retire and step away from the limelight. Surely she has enough money to do that, given all the keepers who are supposedly protecting her from herself.

844 days ago


I am totally BURNED OUT on all these shows!! ENOUGH ALREADY!! They are all starting to look and sound the same and who CARES if one judge or another stays or goes let them ALL GO!!

844 days ago


Does anyone know who that woman that cicles Simon is? Should I care?

844 days ago


I cannot wait for the men in white coats with their big nets to come scoop up BRITNEY while she has yet another total melt down on national TV.
Now that's what I call true reality entertainement!

844 days ago

I am Spartacus    

what's worse... ESPN and their 24/7 Tebow coverage or TMZ's 24/7 Britney coverage

844 days ago


I love all the pressed and angry people of TMZ and the commenters in here. You all sound so lifeless; the only way you can make yourself feel better is by bashing someone who went through a **** life and was able to get back up - something you could probably not do.

And come on..hate this comment and prove me right. I dare you! L M F AO :P

844 days ago


Britney will do just fine
This isn't `` 5 years ago
when she was running around
HIGH on something!!
Get over it ppl!!
and ppl ``````````` do change!

844 days ago


I'm not a big Britney fan, but I still acknowledge that she is a professional and will for sure complete the season. As for her breakdown, it's not recent and has been controlled with meds. Hardly her fault. It's funny how we always expect perfection from our celebrities, yet I doubt any of us are perfect.

844 days ago


When did Britney turn 50?

844 days ago

Maria Fernanda    

Demiii so funny hahaha

844 days ago
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