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X Factor to TMZ

'Play Nice'

5/26/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Simon Cowell and Britney Spears want TMZ to know ... despite our stories about Britney having a tough time judging "X Factor"  ... they couldn't be happier. Let's be real -- Britney says she's talking to Harvey in the video, but she's really talkin' to you.

As TMZ first reported, Britney walked off during shooting on Thursday ... leaving four contestants to sing to an empty chair. Yesterday Britney took one short break during taping, but was otherwise much more outgoing than on Day 1.

We starting poking around late yesterday because we heard rumblings that Britney might be having second thoughts, but she and Simon want to make it clear -- Britney is going nowhere.

We gotta ask ...


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Poor Britney, even in this short video she looks uncomfortable, like she was pushed out there against her will.

779 days ago

South Beach    

Think "The Walkoff" was a complete set up. People tune is to see if Brit is headed for the crazy train. They threw them a bone.

779 days ago


Why is everyone so eager to see a woman fail? I am not really a Britney fan but she sure has been through a lot and she's trying to rebuild her life. Why not root for her and hope she does a decent job? In many people's eyes, she failed already and that includes TMZ's. Time will tell, why predict or assume she won't be able to handle this? And why is no one asking if Demi will be the one breaking down? She's a cutter, binger, druggie, and has violence issues. She just got out of rehab and admits she still falls back into old behaviors. Yet she is unscathed by any judgment. Odd..I don't want her to fail either. I just find tit odd that everyone is focused on Britney's issues when there is another person on the panel who is more fragile at this point.

779 days ago


Britney has certainly aged!

779 days ago


No...she's talking to you TMZ, the public isn't the one showing extremely close up pics of her fingers or reporting everything she does. You are. We wouldn't know anything if you didn't post it. And you're still doing it "we started poking around..." , really TMZ?

I am looking forward to seeing her judge, I want to hear what she has to say but people (TMZ running at the front of the pack) analyzing everything she does and predicting her breakdown can't possibly be helping anything.

779 days ago

King of TMZ    

Simon Cowell should have brought back Cheryl Cole instead of that Demi.

Now Cheryl + Birtney = Some Kickazz show

He still doesn't get it does he?
The trip to Has-Been Land continues...

779 days ago


Simon Cowell made $723,000 in the amount of time it took me to write this comment.

779 days ago


somebody has to tell Simon to stop wearing those tight t-shirts. his man boobs are disgusting.

779 days ago


Harvey doesn't know how to play nice. He's a snake oil salesman to his core. He was born to snipe like a transvestite at a lingerie party.

779 days ago


She's like Bruce Banner turning into "The Incredible Hulk". Only she's turning into "Old Pam Anderson". This is the 2nd picture tmz posted where she looks like her.

779 days ago


Love you Queen Godney

779 days ago


"We starting poking around late yesterday..."
how many million hits do you get a day?
I know you don't pay your employees but
tell your interns to pick a tense

779 days ago

brad b    

Hey TMZ, drop it and find something else to fabricate stories about, if your staff was actually good at their jobs they wouldnt have to keep looking for an easy target rather than producing actual news. Why don't you just give the girl a chance and leave her alone, this is old news. TMZ, admit to the public you have nothing on this one and move on! Its getting a little annoying seeing you children trying to make something out of nothing. So many BS stories lately....

779 days ago


All this crap is just a publicity stunt

779 days ago


Woah! Leave it up to TMZ to report garbage. Do you have anything better to do than wait for Britney to fall apart? TMZ is nothing but garbage! How selfish that you want a human being to fall flat on their face. Britney will be fine and she will show you guys that you are wrong.

779 days ago
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