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Flavor Flav

Facing Prison for

Not Paying Child Support

5/26/2012 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

List of things Flavor Flav apparently thinks are a joke -- 911 and child support. 

The legendary Public Enemy rapper is behind on his child support payments to his baby mama in Albany, NY to the tune of $111,186 ... which has him now facing a prison sentence of 180 days.

Under a support agreement, Flav is required to pay $837.72 a week to Angie Parker to support the couple’s three children.

Flav failed to show up for a court hearing this week, says the NY Daily News, so an Albany County magistrate recommended the jail sentence -- and revoking his driver’s license and passport.

He must appear in Albany Family Court on June 19.


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The thoughts of this cosmetically challenged man having kids is scary. Even worst, a woman bumped him 3 times??? Nevertheless, pay up or go to jail and still pay up!!

879 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't confuse jail time with prison time. Two different scenarios.

879 days ago

V Kint    

I pity these children...

879 days ago


An the entire race bashing begins in 5, 4... Can people please be mature and not comment on an entire race of people? Sure, HE is an idiot. But leave it at that.

@kicksandgiggles, agree.

879 days ago


And now these kids are going tomgrow up with no father figure, which is very common in the black community. And these kids will have no morals like their parents. They will see daddy as a guy who gets a girl pregnant and then moves on to the next girl. And they will see mommy as a female who allows this to happen. Then we will hear them years from now saying that they joined a gang because they were looking for a family that they never had. Sad loop. And for all the blacks who disagree with me, think of all the black people you know, and how many of them have parents who are married. And for those who want to compare them to white, Asians, purple, whatever - stick to what I said. Let's talk about the black community as a whole.

879 days ago


Boy, what a surprise.

879 days ago


just being a typical black man stereo type,lots of kids he dont want to pay for.837 dollars what a chump,yall keep watching his shows and not suporting his children

879 days ago


I've never understood how throwing a guy in jail for non support helps anything, you can't earn while you're locked up.

879 days ago


I never understood why they put men in jail for not paying child support. Wouldn't that actually make it harder? I knew a guy (not a friend, just knew) that was put in jail for 90 days for failure to pay, he was then fired from his job because he went to jail, and then his baby mamma took him to court again because he couldn't pay her anything..... then they threatened to put him in jail again if he didn't get a job and pay... but because he'd been in jail, he was having trouble finding a job. All I am saying is, there has to be a better way to handle this besides jail which to me seems to only make the situation harder on everyone.

879 days ago

JEWremy LIN     

Its not about being racist its about being accurate honestly all the news of fathers having multiple kids, not paying child support, Not paying rent or being broke after making millions. see the pattern?

879 days ago

Cheryl A.    

If you play, you better pay.

879 days ago

Dr Porn    

I really liked Flav until I read this article. Race has nothing to do with being a deadbeat dad.

A deadbeat is a deadbeat is a deadbeat

879 days ago


More men are ordered to pay child support...but more women refuse to pay when ordered.
Roughly 40% of women pay up, while about 65% of men pay up.
Feminists say it's because men have more job opportunities....not true....over 80% of the job loss in 10 years has been **men**....women's job fields grew.
And it's a liberal-Hollywood lie that black men are deadbeats.
There are black men all over the country who love their children, and take care of them.
Hollywood liberals love to brag they're the "anti-racist" crowd...but they write the scripts in movies that make black men look like criminals and deadbeats.
Just more anti-male attitude in Hollywood feminist scripts and TV.

878 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Things I THINK are a joke: About 99% of all Rappers

878 days ago


All Flavor had to do was use protection and he would be a free man, what a loser!!

878 days ago
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