Flavor Flav My Daughter Didn't Beat Me Up!!

1/31/2012 7:15 AM PST

Flavor Flav -- My Daughter Didn't Beat Me Up!!

Flavor Flav
says his daughter is getting a bad rap after her arrest this weekend ...claiming she didn't lay a hand on him and the whole thing was just a family dispute that got out of hand.

Flav tells TMZ ... he tried to stop police from arresting Dazayna Drayton  -- but cops said they had no choice because Nevada law required police to hook anyone who allegedly strikes a family member.

Flav tells TMZ, "The whole thing was a big misunderstanding that shouldn't have happened. No one in my family called the cops on my daughter and she did not beat me up."

Flav makes it clear ... "I love my daughter and will never let anything happen that could come between us."