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'Diamonds Are Forever' Girl

Hospitalized for SERIOUS

Allergic Reaction

5/26/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Bond girl Lana Wood -- who played Plenty O'Toole in the 1971 classic "Diamonds Are Forever" -- nearly died Tuesday night after going into anaphylactic shock ... and TMZ has obtained a picture of the desperate rescue effort.

Sources close to Lana -- the younger sister of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood -- tell TMZ, the actress was cooking dinner at her home in Fillmore, CA when she started having a coughing attack.

We're told she assumed it was just a bad cold -- but then the sneezing started, and her face and tongue swelled up ... so she went to urgent care to get it checked out.

We're told the local urgent care didn't have the resources to treat Lana -- so they called her an ambulance to take her to a nearby hospital.

The above picture was snapped as they were loading Lana into the ambulance.

By the time Lana got to the hospital, her entire face was swollen like a balloon -- forcing her eyelids closed and shutting her mouth. Lana also couldn't speak.

She was taken home hours later when the swelling subsided. Sources tell us, doctors believe the allergic reaction was triggered by an ingredient in Frosted Mini-Wheats.

We're told Lana is now feeling much better -- but is scared stiff about accidentally setting off another reaction.


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jessica ly    

new video here come check it out thanks :D

879 days ago


looks like urgent care didn't have a building as well, why is she being loaded up there on the sidewalk?

879 days ago


this is the most ridiculous story i've ever read on TMZ..well, one of them because they're pretty much all urgent care doesn't have an epi pen, benadry, epenephrine...yeah,'s like standard medical supplies.

and you don't start sneezing and coughing when it's an anaphalatic stupid.

879 days ago

your own luck    

Well, that's terrible. But wait, she was cooking Frosted Mini-Wheats for dinner???

879 days ago


Diamonds are Forever is a classic and under-rated Bond film. It's a rather stunning time capsule of a 1971 Vegas. The scenes with the fake moon mission were put in by NASA whistleblowers.

879 days ago

Pete the Geek    

Not a very dignified picture, given that she was not in a fight at a nightclub or committing a DUI, but I suppose if TMZ has the picture, you are going to use it! "Urgent care" is really just a place to get a prescription renewed or a doctor's note if you need one for work. It doesn't surprise me one bit that they wouldn't be equipped to treat anaphylactic shock.

879 days ago


Rough deal, glad she's doing better, but I'm not giving up my Frosted Mini-wheats

879 days ago


That really sucks and it really can kill. I can go into it if I get stung by a bee.

879 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

The story behind her hospitalization seems suspect. Kellog's Frosted Mini-Wheats as the culprit? Doubtful. Why didn't she go for the usual allergic reaction to medication. Or hospitalized for exhaustion and dehydration? Hmmm.

879 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I didn't mean to downplay the seriousness of anaphylactic shock or how fortunate it is Lana got care in time. Just am not buying Frosted Mini-wheats.
She needs to investigate further so it doesn't happen again.

879 days ago


TMZ has turned into Star magazine, constantly posting pictures like this. I used to come here for celebrity gossip, not to catch someone who stays out of the spotlight in a vulnerable state. Report on stars seeking the spotlight, hot topics and whatnot. It's disgusting and really takes you down a few ranks when I see things like this. It reminds me of reporting overseas.

879 days ago


I call bullsh*t. 1. If she was in true A.S. she would have O2 on her. So obviously she is breathing just fine! 2. ALL minor emergencies are equiped. It take O2 and epi. and 3. if it was a true emergency the minor emergency would keep her in their facility until an ambulance gets there to transport.. not send her out on the streets. They would not allow anyone to leave their facility on their own to go to a larger ER. Sounds like someone is playing the dramatics searching for some attention.

879 days ago


2 pages of comments and no one having a comment on these 70's boobies? these were near perfection...

879 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

It may have been a preservative she could have been allergic to....advice is that EVERYONE should keep Benedryl (you can buy it generically as Diphenhydramine) in any Rite Aid, CVS, or whatever you have there in your part of the USA. I never travel without never know what ingredient you will find in a food that you could be allergic to. Having Benedryl around is also good for insect bites that you could be highly allergic to, as well. I hope she's OK. BTW, is "Urgent Care" something like "Obama Care?"

879 days ago


urgent care couldnt help so they put her out in the gutter while waiting for an ambulance? what the hell kind of urgent care place is this that they dont have epinephrine or gurneys?

879 days ago
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