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Camille Grammer

I'm Kinda Like Mel

We Were Both Illegally Recorded!

5/27/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She doesn't hate the Jews ... or Russian women ... but Camille Grammer has something else in common with Mel Gibson ... one of her rants was secretly recorded by a sworn enemy and unleashed to the public.

You may have heard the rant ... in which the former "Real Housewives" star threatens to "desecrate" her boyfriend's baby mama if she leaks private material to the media.

Now, Camille has filed a lawsuit over the leaked recording ... claiming baby mama Lisa Chynoweth PROVOKED her into losing her temper during a January phone conversation -- secretly recording the whole thing.

The conversation was played during a recent deposition in a child custody case involving Chynoweth and Camille's BF, Dimitri Charalambopoulos (say that five times fast). The depo was posted to YouTube (skip to 1:56 for the good stuff).

Camille is suing Lisa for illegally recording a phone call.

Calls to Lisa Chynoweth were not returned.


No Avatar


Camille Chose to engage in the conversation so at anytime she could have simply just hung up the phone. To claim she was provoked just proves how insane camille is and i can now see why Kelsey wanted to kick her to the curb.

887 days ago


Why has Camille had any conversations w/ her boyfriends ex-wife? Of course the former wife is going to be jealous beyond belief sans the taped conversations. I doubt Camille ever wanted any interaction with woman. A woman scorned, such pest.

887 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

He's fact, they are all creepy. Fame turns some people into stark raving lunatics. Usually, the ones that have no talent whatsoever. And, they all make waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money for doing nothing.

887 days ago


And all this time I thought she was an emotionless block of ice.

887 days ago


Camille does have pitbull lawyers, and the baby mama should worry about that. But I don't think Camille meant to use the word "desecrate", as that implies that the baby mama is sacred!

887 days ago


"desecrate" ? I guess somebody gave Camille a "Word Of the Day Calendar" and the b!tch was dying to use it, even if she used it incorrectly.

887 days ago


LOL. Like when she used the word pernicious, like 8 times, on the Real Housewives.

887 days ago

Mom of Five    

I find it strange that Camille would have a reason to talk on the phone with her boyfriend's ex in the first place. If there is a conversation to be had I would think it should be between the boyfriend and his ex and the only reason they should be talking is about their child, unless they are friends, which usually isn't the case.

887 days ago


I think the way he twirls his hair is kind of creepy. Isn't that what nervous teenage girls do?

887 days ago


shes always been a gold digging whore. she can only can say BS like that b/c she star f*cked Kelsey and had two kids with him. I dont buy what shes selling. Probably stole this man away from his wife.....

887 days ago


Having gone through this I can see the forest through the trees. I sympathize with Dimitri and Camille. The ex was completely manipulating Camille into this fight and purposely and illegally taped her for the sole purpose of confronting DImitri. That is manipulative and conniving of both her and her lawyer, who sounds like a real ass. I hope Camille sues the the support right out from under the bitch.

887 days ago


I agree with Dimitri....Camille was clearly reacting to something the ex had said or threatened to say. I'm not a fan of Camille's but, I think people have treated her very badly and, I'm not so sure she deserves it.

887 days ago


I heard no threats..that lawyer is a douche bag for saying to the guy that his "GF" was threatening his son. What an aZZhole!!!

887 days ago


She is one nasty looking woman, What's with her lips? She looks like the joker from batman with lips like a trout.

887 days ago


Hahaha! Too much drama for her BF. He just wanted to f*** around until someone prettier and younger came along and now he's in the middle of a custody battle. It's written all over his face. He'll be dumping her soon if he hasn't already.

887 days ago
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