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Lady Gaga

Fears for Her Life ...

Axes Concert in Indonesia

5/27/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga
is TERRIFIED Islamic hardliners might attack her concert in Indonesia, so she cancelled it ... this according to her reps.

Gaga's management team announced today there were major security concerns regarding the June 3 gig in Jakarta -- all because a few Islamic extremists were pissed about Gaga's risque costumes and dance moves, which they felt corrupted Muslim youths.

The Indonesian Council of Ulema chairman, Cholil Ridwan, fervently urged fellow Muslims not to attend the show, saying, "It's intended to destroy the nation's morality."

Security concerns for the concert skyrocketed from such beliefs, so much so the Jakarta police refused to issue the show a permit, even though 52,000 tickets had already been sold.

With a lack of permit, and the security threats, Gaga's team threw in the towel and decided to officially cancel today.

Gaga then released a statement Sunday via Twitter saying, "I'm so very sorry to the fans and just as devastated as you if not more. You are everything to me. I will try to put together something special for you. My love for Indonesia has only grown."


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Jay W.     

Gaga's twitter statement was PR perfection.

880 days ago


Good. I can't stand her anyway.

880 days ago


Hahaha,,religion raises its ugly head. "We are God's children. I love you all. It's your right to believe what you want. But if you don't believe what I believe, I'll kill you and your little dog too.

880 days ago


Once again the retarded ass-backwards stuck-in-the-dark-ages Islam costs people their freedom

880 days ago


Those people are as backward as a people can get. Gaga tried to force the issue with some extreme people. Gotta give her props for trying. Those extremist will hurt their fellow citizens for be female much less for shoving it in their faces.

880 days ago


Just a false story to draw attention to herself. Gagais out of the spotlight now that more and more of her fans have come bact to reality and realize what a Joke she is.

880 days ago


They should have done that with MJ, boycott his circus show now!

iPad 625

Save a child a day

Stop the pedo on display!

880 days ago


I'm surprised she's not dead already from embarisment. what a joke.

880 days ago


Not every part of the world wants that sewer pipe called Hollywood infecting their society. We all know now that it's filled with pedophiles that preyed on young boys like Corey Haim and Todd Bridges. GagGag has no talent and is only got overrated because she's a stooge for the gay mafia. Glad they gave her the boot.

880 days ago


Until Jakarta stops sucking I dont see why any westren woman would want to go there ever. They treat their females like crap and they treat their female guests like crap. Just dont go there, we arnt missing out on anything at all by not preforming there. I'm in a differant sector of the arts but I am so sick of burkas and rock throwing cultures that ignore facts and sceince and even their own holy books bombing planes I just wont ever go there. No tourism or titties for you guys. The end. Good move Gaga **** them....they can see your show when they make like its 2012 and are mature enough to handle a gifted female preformer who may come with our without pants. They are not ready for you yet. Its about them, not you. Bearded idiots in pajamas cant apreciate fashion.

880 days ago


Too bad she couldn't have spent a few days or weeks in an Indonesian jail cell. Might of been the impetus to help her clean up her act.

880 days ago


Chicken chit! ! Go on over there in your Penis shoes and your ass hanging out. Your Lady GaGa you can't understand why America can't talk to them, just tell them that's who you are, get used to it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

880 days ago


WOW!!! Really!!! You make it sound like she was really scared.

880 days ago


Yeah, you never know, she might have worn an outfit made out of bacon too... This b*tch is so annoying. You are not original. No outfit is shocking these days. You just look plain stupid and ridiculous. That picture posted is a great example. *ROLLS EYES*

880 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

HA Hi!!!!
Lady Gaga is going to enter these weak peoples little brains!

These dumb humans are Hypocrites to their own religion...

Religion was created for good, but the Christians and Muslims turned it into a controlling evil cult.

Believe in god without human religious influences… You will feel the true freedom.

Funny thing! These people are so brainwashed and uneducated that they will never get it!
Sad world!

880 days ago
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