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RFK Jr. & Mary Kennedy

911 Calls Show History of

Domestic Strife

5/27/2012 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Robert F. Kennedy Jr
. and wife Mary Kennedy had a turbulent relationship long before she committed suicide, and  just-revealed 911 records show that cops had to repeatedly calm things down.

Police reports obtained by the NY Daily News show the estranged couple called 911 over a dozen times in the last few years ... most notably in May of 2011, around the time RFK went public with his new love interest -- actress Cheryl Hines.

In one incident Bedford cops found the couple outside in the midst of a "domestic disturbance" with "books and papers strewn about the area." Three hours later police returned again to find RFK locked out of his house.

Just a few months prior police were summoned to the home while Mary Kennedy was having an "emotional breakdown" ... the officer on scene said he found RFK in his bedroom trying to calm Mary down. 

There are at least a dozen other 911 calls cited in the reports which required police presence at the couple's Westchester home.


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richie boiadro    

He's no good.They are all no good.If my daughter brought on home i would take a baseball bat to em.Entitled to ruin lifes and live to f@#k another day..

848 days ago


Rope is cheaper than a car off a bridge, huh Robert?

848 days ago


Cheryl isnt to blame and she is a gold digger I went to high school with her and she is a very hardworking model/actress and always was nad I think shes probably making more than some movie actresses now so the b list comment was off mark. plus you never know what goes on behind closed doors so dont judge.

848 days ago


you couldn't pay me $10 million dollars to marry a Kennedy or be so much as their yard help for that matter

848 days ago


Let this be a lesson to you, ladies, do not fraternize with a Kennedy, because (a higher proportion than statistically normal for the general population of) people who know the Kennedys wind up dead, especially if they are female and the Kennedy in question was messing around on them.

848 days ago


I can't wait till the times comes that not one single Kennedy roams the earth.

848 days ago


Poor guy. Mary was a manic depressed woman. She might have also had bipolar disease. He's not some ******* that others perceive him to be.

848 days ago


I wouldn't trust anything the Kennedy's say. One of them got away with murder while another is in jail for killing a young girl. I hope they do a through investigation to make sure she really did hang herself.

848 days ago


I rarely believe any story out of the Kennedy family. How do we know she was depressed before he started cheating on her right and left. Many women would react the same way she did. Kennedys never face any consequences to their actions, how many of their women have come to a bad end?

848 days ago


Any body else's 911 calls are released, but they have to protect the Kennedys at all cost.

848 days ago


Suddenly Cheryl Hines isnt so funny anymore. She knew he was still married, and worse yet, a Kennedy. She's clearly out looking for the limelight, the proverbial "Camelot" that doesnt exist--and probably some GreenPeace nonsense with this nutjob too. Stay away Hines---you're in a Danger Zone now. He's as rotten as any Kennedy there is or ever was. That family is now hated across the country by nearly all. They did this to themselves not a public turning their back on them. Murder, Rape, Suicide, Drugs, Booze, Sex, Affairs, Cheating (in school), its endless. Whats the attraction Hines?

848 days ago


none of us were there.. this story is just plain old sad... think of the children with no mom now, and a dad who has already moved on to another woman. There's two sides to every story... what a horrific way to go out..

848 days ago


Actually the most interesting 911 call would probibly be the ones that took place about 5 years ago when Bobby had to call them because he was afraid she would hurt herself. Which I posted about days ago.

They cops said Bobby was trying to calm her down. But I suppose if you have blind Kennedy hatred it doesn't matter what they tell you, you will still find the fault in Bobby.

BTW what did he do to tick you all off so much other then being a Kennedy? People cheat all the time, but I don't generally see posters get this angry about it. The man is an environmentalist. Does it make you angry when someone wants you to have clean air?

RIP Mary

848 days ago


It is dangerous for women to marry into this family. The cheating, the scandals, the early deaths, wives driven to drugs and alcoholism. I would bet that she was normal in every way before she married into the Kennedy family. I think they use women up and throw them away. Ethel and Jackie managed to make it out the other side only because they lost their husbands early.

848 days ago


This is such a tragedy. Mary seemed so hurt and lost. All she loved was taken from her...her husband and most important her children. I wonder why she couldn't get the help she needed! As painful as it would have been I wish she could have accepted her marriage was over, gotten the help she needed, started working again.....and move on with her life! She had so much life still in front of her!! So many people would have helped her move on! Her death is such a huge loss...especially for her children!

848 days ago
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